Emission Controls Are Shortening The Life Of Your Engine By 50% or MORE! This Archoil Performance Kit Protects Your Power Stroke!

Every time an EGR valve opens, it's like throwing carbon abrasive right into the intake of your motor.

Old-school diesel engines used to be good for 500k miles or more before rebuilding but today's modern diesel is turning to junk in under 200k miles! The difference is the emissions controls and low fuel quality!

The Archoil Performance Kit is the best protection I know about that can significantly mitigate the harmful longevity effects of emission controls on your diesel motor.

- Bill Hewitt

Introducing Archoil Products That Power Stroke Owners Need To Know About!

I serve the Power Stroke community and the vast majority of my customers own a business where their trucks are an essential component. If their truck is broken, their business is losing money... AND, if you own one of these trucks you also know there is nothing cheap about repairing them!

PowerStrokeHelp.com is all about finding cost-effective and substantive solutions to expensive problems. When I find a worthwhile product or fix, it is my responsibility to educate you about it.

With that being said, I want to tell you about three products manufactured by Archoil that greatly diminish or eliminate all together some pretty costly issues inherent to Power Strokes. Not only are these products effective but their use literally costs you nothing or very little to reap huge benefits in engine longevity and drivability.

Use the links bellow to familiarize yourself with the outstanding benefits of Archoil’s AR6200 and AR6300 Fuel Treatment and AR9100 Friction Modifier. You’ll be glad you did!

- Bill Hewitt