AR6400-D Diesel Fuel System Cleaner

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For a limited time only, try Archoil AR6400-D absolutely FREE! This new product restores performance and improves fuel economy in your truck by removing carbon build-up from the key fuel system components. All I ask is you cover the handling and shipping for $4.95 or get AR6400-D as part of the Real Deal Kit and shipping is free. If you don't notice any benefit from using this product, we will refund the shipping. Only available while stocks last.


Archoil AR6400-D Diesel Fuel System Cleaner is absolutely crucial to the longevity of the engine and the fuel injection system in all Power Strokes.

- Bill Hewitt


AR6400-D Diesel Fuel System Cleaner

Treats 40 gallons of diesel. Use every 3,000-5,000 miles.

AR6400-D Benefits

  • AR6400-D removes carbon build-up from injectors and injector tips to ensure correct spray patterns. This leads to restored performance and improved fuel economy.
  • AR6400-D's unique formulation removes carbon from post-combustion components including the turbo and DPF
  • AR6400-D eliminates harmful turbo deposits which cause lag and less boost. Use of AR6400-D results in unrestricted movement of the turbo/variable vanes to avoid issues with excess heat and wear
  • AR6400-D improves combustion which benefits the EGR with a reduction in carbon accumulation
  • AR6400-D's powerful chemistry cleans the DPF and reduces regen cycles
  • AR6400-D is suitable for use in all diesel engines

Real Deal

The Real Deal Kit (includes FREE AR6400-D)

The Archoil Real Deal Kit for diesel vehicles includes (1) AR6200 Everyday Fuel Treatment 16.9oz, (1) AR9100 Friction Modifier 16oz and (1) AR6400-D Diesel Fuel System Cleaner 12oz. For a limited time only, this kit is the same price as a P-1 Kit, making the AR6400-D completely FREE!

This is the must-have kit for your diesel vehicle. AR9100 eliminates stiction and associated cold start problems while AR6200 provides regular maintenance to your fuel system at every fill-up, combating issues associated with poor quality diesel. AR6400-D provides a powerful, one-tank cleaning service to remove harmful carbon build-up from the fuel system.

The Real Deal Kit Benefits

  • AR9100 eliminates hard/cold start issues caused by HEUI injector misfires in 6.0L & 7.3L Power Strokes
  • AR9100 forms a solid boundary lubricating film to improve performance and protect engines, gearboxes and hydraulic systems
  • AR6200 Fuel Treatment boosts performance, ensures fuel quality and maintains your fuel system
  • AR6200 promotes a more complete combustion which improves efficiency, power and response
  • AR6400-D rapidly removes carbon build-up from the injectors, turbo and DPF
  • AR6400-D restores performance, improves fuel economy and smooths idling