AR6500 Diesel Treatment

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AR6500 Diesel Treatment


New bottle is terrible. Rather have it like the 6200. Get rid of the dumb small filler tube. Big riggers are not using this stuff


AR6500 Diesel Treatment

Best Additive

I was using the AR6200 and just switched to this. W/ the 6200 my Powerstroke 6.7 seemed to start quicker in cold weather and run a little smoother. I pick up close to 1 MPG in mixed driving and RV towing. Stuff is more concentrated than other additives, less bottles to carry.

Archoil's AR6500 Diesel Treatment has been formulated to address issues associated with modern diesel fuels. AR6500 incorporates the most powerful and advanced diesel additive chemistry that is currently available. Only 100% active ingredients are used with no fillers, offering greater value per fill up.

AR6500's detergents and lubricants have been engineered to clean, lubricate and protect your fuel system including injectors, pumps, lines and tank in all systems including the latest high pressure common-rail injection fuel systems.

AR6500 also incorporates Archoil's proven combustion modifier technology and a strong cetane boost to increase power and response and reduce soot and carbon build-up in turbos, DPF and EGR components.

Features and Benefits

  • Increase Power and Response
  • Improves MPG 6-10%
  • Reduces DPF Regen Frequency
  • Dissolves Sludge and Stabilizes Fuel
  • Improves Lubricity and Extends Component Life
  • Maintains and Protects Against Corrosion
  • Boosts Cetane Up To 8 Points


  • A 33 oz bottle treats up to 330 gallons
  • Use AR6500 every time you add diesel fuel
  • Everyday Dose: 10 ml (1 oz) per 10 gallons
  • Power Boost: 20 ml (2 oz) per 10 gallons

New Diesel Fuel System Kit

For the most rapid results, highest protection and best value, AR6500 should be used after application of Archoil AR6400-D Diesel Fuel System Cleaner. AR6400-D delivers a powerful and thorough cleaning service to the fuel system to quickly solve issues associated with carbon build-up and clogged injectors and should be used every 5,000 miles.

The Diesel Fuel System Kit includes:

  • AR6500 Diesel Treatment (33 oz) - Treats 330 gallons
  • AR6400-D Diesel Fuel System Cleaner (12 oz) - Treats 40 gallons