Archoil AR9100 Friction Modifier

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Use the Archoil in a lot of my motors. Very pleased with the results.

Good Stuff

I noticed right away after an oil change with Archoil added, that my truck ran smoother and had less smoke at start up. I will definitely be using this every oil change from now on.

I love all Archoil products

I am having great results with using the 9100, 6100and 6500. I used to have to change my fuel pump every 1-2 years it’s been 4 years now with the same pump on my 97 F250 7.3L. However I wish they would put a long spout on the 6500 so I wouldn’t have to use a Funnel.

04 F250 Powerstroke!

Great product and fast shipping. Thx

A product that actually delivers

I run this stuff along with Rotella T6 oil in my 05 6.0. Truck still has original injectors at 150,000 miles and still starts and runs flawless. So I shared this with my uncle who as a 2000 7.3 and he noticed a difference in start up as well. Very pleased to find a product that can actually deliver on what they advertise.

"Attention Power Stroke Owners - AR9100 Friction Modifier ​is 100% GUARANTEED to eliminate STICTION in diesel vehicles with HEUI injector technology within 100 miles or your money back!"    - Bill Hewitt


  • AR9100 eliminates hard/cold start issues caused by HEUI injector misfires in 6.0L & 7.3L Power Strokes
  • AR9100 is suitable for use in all diesel and gasoline engines
  • AR9100 forms a solid boundary lubricating film to improve performance and protect engines, gearboxes and hydraulic systems


  • Use one 16 oz bottle to treat a Power Stroke
  • Use 1.2 oz of AR9100 per quart of engine oil
  • Use 1.2 oz of AR9100 per quart for limited slip differentials
  • Treat motorcycles, wet clutch or not, at 1.2 oz per quart
  • Treat gear oil, hydraulic oil and power steering systems at 3.2 oz per quart 


  • Fixes HEUI injector problems (Power Stroke and others)
  • Increases power and response
  • Reduces friction and provides anti-wear, extreme pressure and anti-corrosion protection
  • Reduces engine noise and vibration
  • Protects engine during cold starts
  • Cleans and prevents sludge/varnish deposits
  • Extends oil drain intervals

Archoil AR9100 Tech Sheet