Archoil AR6200 Fuel Treatment

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"Attention Power Stroke Owners - AR6200 Fuel Treatment works wonders on any carbon based fuel type. Not having AR6200 in your fuel is an unnecessary risk, which needlessly exposes your equipment to premature failure!" - Bill Hewitt


  • AR6200 Fuel Treatment brings more power and response at every fill-up while protecting your fuel system and improving fuel efficiency
  • AR6200 addresses issues associated with poor quality diesel, including the accumulation of performance-robbing soot
  • AR6200 keeps the DPF clean, resulting in less frequent regens. Turbo and emissions systems will also be kept free from excessive soot.
  • AR6200 is suitable for use in both diesel and gasoline


  • An 8.45oz bottle treats up to 250 gallons. A 16.9oz bottle treats up to 500 gallons.
  • Use AR6200 every time you add fuel - dispensing chamber is marked in milliliters (ml).
  • Diesel and Gasoline Fuel: 1ml per gallon
  • Power Boost: 2ml per gallon
  • Two Stroke Engines: 2ml per gallon


  • Combustion Modifier: A more complete combustion improves efficiency, power and response
  • Lubricant: Protects fuel pump and injectors from wear and failure, lubricates upper cylinder
  • Dispersant/Detergent: Helps dissolve sludge and other fuel system deposits. Restores degraded fuel
  • Stabilizer: Enables extended fuel storage
  • Corrosion Inhibitor: Protects the fuel system from corrosion
  • Biocide: Eliminates microbial growth (algae, bacteria)
  • Demulsifier: Improves water separator effectiveness

 Archoil AR6200 Tech Sheet