AR6300 Winter Diesel Treatment

AR6300 Winter Diesel Treatment

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• Concentrated fuel treatment added to every tank of diesel to boost performance, ensure fuel quality, protect your fuel system and protect against gelling in cold weather

• Promotes a more complete combustion which improves efficiency, power and response.

A 41.3oz bottle of AR6300 treats up to 275 gallons of diesel

Add AR6300 to your fuel tank at temperatures above 0F to lower the Cold Filter Plugging Point of diesel fuel

Treat Rate: 5ml per gallon

If temperatures will fall below 5F: 10ml per gallon 

AR6300 Winter Diesel Treatment

At low temperatures diesel fuel gels and can plug your fuel filter and prevent fuel from flowing to the engine. AR6300 lowers the cold filter plugging point of diesel fuel which helps ensure fuel flows when you need it to.

AR6300 provides ALL the benefits of AR6500 Diesel Treatment plus anti-gel protection.

"Attention Power Stroke Owners - AR6300 is not just a basic anti-gel product... You're getting the full benefits of Archoil's fuel treatments PLUS improved winter diesel quality and anti-gel protection."- Bill Hewitt

Upgrade Your Fuel

Cold Filter Plugging Point Depressant: Prevents diesel fuel from gelling and plugging the fuel filter

Combustion Modifier: Promotes complete combustion

Lubricant: Protects fuel pump and injectors from wear and failure, lubricates upper cylinder

Dispersant/Detergent: Helps dissolve sludge and other fuel system deposits. Restores degraded fuel

Stabilizer: Enables extended fuel storage

Corrosion Inhibitor: Protects the fuel system from corrosion

Biocide: Combats microbial growth (algae, bacteria)

Demulsifier: Helps separate water from diesel fuelImproves cetane

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
John Yeatman
Less Time with Exhaust Cleaning:

I bought my 2011 F350 second hand. The first time the exhaust cleaning notification popped on my screen it stayed on so long I stopped monitoring it (so not sure how long that first time).

My son got me started with Archoil immediately, after that first cleaning, when the exhaust cleaning windows shows, it disappears within seconds. I can't see in there, but believe the fuel additives are doing wonders protecting the sensors and the interior of my truck's exhaust system.

Logan Tait
Dramatic change in DPF regeneration

I have run arch oil AR6300 in three tanks of fuel so far and have noticed a dramatic reduction in DPF regeneration. I can’t speak on fuel mileage as it has been super cold here in Michigan, but, I’m hoping for better results in the summer.

dustin atwood
I am a big fan!

I use this in all my Diesel engines due to leaving what happens when I don't. When your Diesel gels up and does not work when needed is a bad day. I plan to not let that happen again. With Archoil and powerstroke help. Thank you so much!

Will not go with out it!!!

I have been using Archoil for almost 7 years now and I truly believe in it!!! Before I started using it I had some very rough start ups but no more now it cranks with no issues whatsoever!!! In my opinion it’s a must have!!!

Everett Kuhn
Review of AR6300 Winter Diesel Treatment

Great product used at every fill-up im from central Iowa and the temps this winter have not reached negative temperatures yet this year. The real test will be when temps dip below 0°F Archoil makes handsdown the best diesel fuel additives on the market I encourage all Diesel truck owners to use Archoil in their trucks!