The Purpose of an Oil Test – Free with Archoil Order

Oil analysis is like a blood test for your truck.  It is the key indicator of the health of the engine.  In this video, Bill explains why oil analysis is important, some of the things that might show up in the results of an oil analysis and how you can get a free oil analysis kit while supplies last.

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For a limited time you can get a sample of Archoil’s AR6200 Fuel Modification Complex, which will treat 80-gallons of fuel, for FREE!

Hurry... This FREE offer ends 02/01/2018! ~Bill Hewitt

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fred helmecke Reply

Just orderd p-1 kit and do want the oil check kit if there’s any left….the gas treatment i got the other day kicked the s..t out of a old 6.5 chevy havent used it on the 7.3 yet good product.

Timothy Reply

Ordered the P1 today for a new 6.7 truck (my first). From the info on it seems like it’s a good idea to treat the fuel, even if truck is new.

C.S. Fulton Reply

Just bought a 2014 F250 6.7 powerstroke, 114,000 miles. When I bought the truck it was getting about 14.7mpg with factory DPF intact. With no modifications to the factory exhaust, started using Archoil fuel additive with every fill-up, and Archoil oil additive with the first oil change. Mpg went up tremendously, and I’m now getting 17.0 to 17.1 !! And get this, I installed a Ranch hand headache rack, bed rail guards, and wheel to wheel steps on both sides of the truck. Total weight: bout 400lbs, and still my fuel mileage increased to 17mpg! Amazing product. I am a believer, and will use Archoil additives in both fuel and oil from now on! Also, engine smoothed out a lot and starts instantly; purrs like a kitten and shifts silky smooth. Thanks Bill for sharing your expertise in all your videos and articles!

Kenneth Reply

Took a 900 mile trip and mpg increased by .8 mpg. 2002 f250 7.3 4×4 super duty pulling a 31 ft.5th wheel. Unit ran great, this a good product.

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