Problem solved! Poor quality fuel in marine applications…

Marine environments are demanding because engines work under constant and prolonged loads. Poor fuel quality and water attracting ethanol in our gas are murder on marine applications.

I live on a lake outside of Atlanta (Lake Lanier) so I am around watercraft of all sizes and categories. (Boats, barges, tugs, outboards, jet ski, etc.) I constantly see many poor performance issues or outright engine failures which can be directly attributed to poor fuel quality.

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In this video I talk about how you can mitigate or altogether eliminate many of the problems associated with poor quality fuel in marine applications. You also get to see me barefoot as well as slalom ski! ~Bill Hewitt

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Larry Thompson Reply

Bill, I must say I am impressed. I know what it was like when I learned to barefoot years ago and I was half your weight. Mind you I learned by dropping skis not on a boom. There was no such thing as a boom back then. Still you made it look easy. Good on ya for taking time to get kids into skiing.

Larry 1*

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