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Archoil P-1 Performance Kit

This is the page where your experience with Archoil products is heard. If you have used Archoil products and want to share your experience with others use the comment link below. For those of you considering Archoil additives, this is the place where you can read what others have to say about their Archoil experience.

For those of you leaving feedback, please remember that this page is only for Archoil products so please stay on topic. Thanks so much for sharing. ~Bill Hewitt

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Kenney Reply

2006 Ford F250 6.0 with hard cold starts…
I was very skeptical at first however after reading reviews I bought some AR9100. This stuff absolutely works as advertised. Monday morning 1/5/2015 it was about 12 degrees and I purposely did not plug the truck in the night before nor did I add the AR9100. The truck would not start, I ended up draining the battery and had to jump it. Once it finally started it ran very rough as it usually does until warming up. I added the AR9100 and drove it for approximately 15 miles as instructed. I parked it and let it sit overnight unplugged for 13 hours in 10 to 14 degree temperatures. On Tuesday 1/6/2015 I came out and the truck started immediately. Not only did it start right away it runs a lot quieter. So if you are on the fence about this like I was, don’t worry it will work. I will be adding this at every oil change.

    Chris Huston Reply

    Put in three tank fulls ago and haven’t noticed any increase in mileage on my 7.3 international.

      Mike Reply

      Put in a 2015 Ram 1500 diesel, no change, lost 1.4 mil per gallon, don’t know why, but maybe it don’t work on all engines.

Jamie James Reply

Just wanted to say I am very pleased with your products in my 6.0 Powerstroke.

I ordered the AR9100 friction modifier and a sample AR6200 fuel treatment came with it. After trying the AR6200 I am hooked and my stiction issue is GONE! I will be using your products from now on. Thanks so much.

I had very high oil pressure when it was cold at idle 100 psi at 1500 rpm and 75 at 750 rpm at idle, this was causing an oil leak at the oil cooler seal. Since I added the ar9100 it no longer leaks!

Dan Edwards Reply

Sir, your product worked! I had a mechanic swearing I needed injectors. I love showing those guys something new!

The Ford Powerstroke 6.0 Diesel has a oil issue (stiction) that causes terrible start ups; missing, stumbling, smoke only to go away after warm up. These were all issues my truck had (’04 Excursion 112500 miles).

It now starts ( 38` ) with a little hiccup and its smooth running. I am happy!

My other truck; 99 F350 7.3 diesel 420,200 miles I just changed the oil, Valvoline / Cumin’s blue and added AR9100 to the oil, AR6200 to the fuel. After driving 400 highway miles, I’ve seen a 1mpg increase on a route I frequently drive. The engine seems to run smoother. Another happy customer!

Eric Reply

Just wanted to let you know that I ordered some more AR9100 from you website. After my first use of it, by the time I put 45 miles on the odometer my engine was firing almost instantly after cranking.


Wekiwa Reply

We’ve been using the AR9100 now in 3 6.0’s for approximately 95,000 miles combined. While the mileage increase can be minimal depending on loading, the improved overall operation is noticeable. All units are using Valvoline Prem Blue 5w-40 Syn.

Recently we performed a complete inspection on unit #3, including removing one injector from each bank (7 & 8). Each injector was completely disassembled and checked with no adverse conditions noted. The drivers all commented on the changes, especially with regard to cold starts.

As most already know, the VT-365 platform is utilizing engine oil in a hydraulic application with operating pressures normally at 4,000psi. Modern engine lubricates were not designed to operate in this condition or be subjected to minute orifices like those found in the 6.0 injectors. The shearing effects of the HPOP are also extremely difficult on engines lubricants. While the AR9100 does improve lubricity and minimize friction, it is unlikely to improve oil change intervals beyond the established 5000 mile limits. We have confirmed the cleansing capability of AR9100 and will continue to closely follow the inspections.

Jerry Scucci Reply

I had tried the sample you gave me of AR6200 and I am very impressed with the results. I was so impressed that I just ordered a 16 oz bottle of AR6200.

Qholic Reply

I got my shipment of both the Archoil fuel additive and the friction modifier in a few weeks ago.

The mornings here in northwest Florida are a consistent temperature and I used sound meter to measure the trucks sound level at startup it was 74db. I then filled up the tank later that day and added the fuel additive and the next morning the temperature which was 4 degrees cooler I measured the sound again and the level was 68db.

The following week I changed the oil using Rotella triple action and added the friction modifier along with an oil bypass filter system. Ran the truck around all day. The following day measured the sound level (temperature was the same as the last reading) it was 64db.

Overall, I have notice that the morning drivability is much smoother and the engine noise level at highway speeds is very quiet compared to what it was. I will definitely be using these products in the future.

Harry Reply

I thought I would share my experience with this product. In a nutshell, it will make any truck run like the best tank of fuel you have ever run. I came across this product by accident, and its formulation is really nothing new, but requires very little to produce big results. It basically brings our low quality ulsd fuel up to spec. I came across it when ordering some AR9100 friction and they sent me some samples of the AR6200, and after adding 1oz to my tank, the difference in low end performance and the way the truck ran was literally mind blowing. Another positive effect is the way it runs when cold starting, it will start and run like it’s already warmed up.

I am not alone in these results, as I ended up giving samples to neighbors and coworkers with Cummins/Dmax’s/Powerstrokes, the results were the same across the board, all wanted more. Once in the trucks system, you really only need no more than an 1/2 ounce to treat a than full, and it can be used with 2cycle or other additives. Nothing I have ever ran in my 03′ 6L Powerstroke has made it run like this stuff does, it really does work that well.

It makes one realize how low quality our fuel is today, this product is very addicting.

    Jeff Reply

    I agree with Harry, we have two very well kept 7.3 powerstrokes and by adding the fuel supplement from Archoil, it truly makes a huge , i said huge difference. Thats why I ordered some, and then reordered more !

John Reply

I’m happy with the results in Powerstroke. Fuel economy and throttle response have noticeably improved. Thanks!

Jordan Reply

Did an oil change with my usual oil, added the 16oz of AR9100 and the recommended initial dose of the AR6200 fuel additive yesterday and fired up the engine. I didn’t notice any difference on initial start up but figured the additive would need to run through the engine a while to work.

I drove 100 miles round trip this morning and came home and parked. Started up the engine a bit ago (its cold here today in MN) to run some errands and the normal cold start misfiring, rough running, and obnoxiously LOUD idle were all gone.

It’s like a new engine. It almost sounds like a cheesy infomercial but it’s true, honestly incredible.

Thank you for your great product and look for many future orders from me.


Michael Holland - Phoenix AZ Reply

I just got back to town, I left Phoenix and topped off my 2006 F250 4×4 6.0 Diesel in Flagstaff AZ. I filled it up into the filler neck. I drove to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon and back to Flagstaff. Hand calculated mileage of 18.19 MPG, that is the best my truck has ever done. I should also say that my truck has been tuned by this guy Matt. It’s his SRL+ tune. I used the AR9100 and AR6200.

I put a quarter oz of AR6200 in my sisters Toyota as well, She was also impressed. My Uncle wants to try it in his Subaru now.

Thanks once again!

Sammy H Reply

I have a little story about my truck,it has what they called a lazy injector and that it wouldn’t oil rite and needed replacing, said nothing would fix it and when i was tired of it i would pay him the 600 dollars and get it done.

After adding archoil to the first tank of diesel that went though the truck i noticed a little difference in the mileage and it started running better, starting easier and then i had changed the oil and and added the package for the 250 ford like you said,to every place i could rear end, differential , front transfer case, even the power steering oil.

I could tell the truck was smoother running and just had that different feel. like it was having a easier time shifting , starting, running , just smoother all around,

Then yesterday i went into Dallas. i filled up again and added the fuel treatment again to the diesel.
This is the kicker, the mileage increased with the first tank about 1.5 to 2 miles per gal . the second tank it went to humming, the mileage slowly went up to 15 then eased up to 17 on the way to Dallas. Same on way home, thats from 12.5 to 13 mpg increasing to 16 mpg adv. thats impressive.
The difference in the pep was amazing, it felt like a different truck, i am hoping it keeps this up i would like to repeat the last order you sent me and double the fuel additive so i can use it in my wife’s car.

Thanks! I am amazed at how much difference my truck is running.

Rey Reply

I received the AR9100 – unbelievable stuff!! So much that, because of it, driving to work was a pleasure this morning. No more jackhammer starts, bucking, heck the ol’ diesel even responds better. Breakthrough product! Thanks again.”

Todd S Reply

I am so happy that I fell upon your product. I was a few mouse clicks away from injectors for my ’04 6.0 Ford. I ordered with skepticism but was amazed. With 215K, I figured this was a lost cause, especially dealing with cold starts and smoke for the last 80K. I changed the oil and filter, added your product, started the engine and idled for no more than ten minutes and shut’er down. The next morning, holy crap! All 8 were firing and no smoke. I’m at 400 miles now and still amazed that it runs so well. Thank you.

Travis S Reply

I would like to say that I recently purchased the AR9100 for my 6 liter Ford with 170,000 miles. It had been having injector trouble and I now have driven 2,000 miles and am extremely pleased with your product. The truck starts up quicker and runs smoother. It still has a little hesitation at first start up, but quickly smoothes out. I will be purchasing another 16oz at the next oil change and hopefully eliminate the early morning start up issue and continue to drive this truck for many more miles. Great product and thank you!

Trevor Reply

I used your AR9100 in my 6.0 Power Stroke and was amazed at the night and day difference in cold starts. I could not drive my truck until it warmed up to operating temperature, even this summer on 90 degree days. 2 days ago, I added your product to a fresh oil change, then drove my truck 60 or so miles that night. I noticed an improvement almost immediately. This morning I started my truck and drove right out the driveway without warming it up. I had no problems with stiction and no more hesitation. It was 33 degrees this morning here in Michigan. I’m just an everyday Joe, and injector replacement was something that was not an option for me because of stiction. I know a Ford diesel mechanic that said there was no fix for stiction and I would need to replace the bad injectors. I did a lot of reading before making a purchase. I’ve read Hot Shot doesn’t work, Rev-X sometimes works, and AR9100 had 100% good reviews. I’m looking forward to use some of your other products. Thank you

Bill Reply

I was a skeptic, but I’m a believer now. My 2001 F250 7.3L has 399,575 miles. I’d say my old 95 7.3 and this 2001 have averaged 15 mpg normally with the driving I do. I don’t pull a load, but I do drive a lot of dirt mountain forest roads, etc.

The first tank I ran with AR 6200, I just thought maybe I had the numbers wrong…. but topping off the past two tanks and I’m getting 17.8 mpg now. WOW

Doesn’t sound like a big deal…. but you figure 500 miles at 15mpg…. then at 17.8… and you’re gaining almost a 4.5 gallon difference. That’s somewhere like $12 a tank in fuel savings at $2.69 gal

AR6200 cost $50…for 24 tanks… x $12 = $288.00-$50= $238 fuel savings per 8oz bottle. And not even going into what its doing for the engine performance !

And I’m still AMAZED that 10 ML or 1/3 an oz does this! !

This stuff WORKS !

tim Reply

We shall see.
I plan to use archoil it in a fiendishly complicated common rail VW Passat TDI. 2013
My mileage is already low to mid 40’s MPG.
Why should the ford dudes get all of the good stuff?
I’ll check back in.

Reshard Reply

I use the Delo 400 LE 5w30 with the AR9100 and AR6200…mine is an 2007 6.0 Powerstroke with all the bulletproofing mods. A few weeks ago, I was up in the mountains of CO and UT where overnight temps got as low as 14 degrees. Not plugged in, truck fired up in less than 2 seconds with little to no valvetrain noise. Both of these products are amazing. And you may check out ARCHOIL 6400-D it’s the diesel fuel system cleaner. I used this product in the fuel first then went to the AR6200. The 6400-D cleans varnish, deposits, contaminants in the motor through the fuel system…I increased fuel mileage 3.5!!! I’m also using Amsoil severe gear lube in the differentials, and AMSOIL fuel efficient ATF in the tranny. I have 4:10 gears that keep the rpm’sat in the sweet spot.

D_Crawford Reply

Man – this stuff works. Wanted to wait until I had data from running it, and now I do.

Used 9100 (fuel) first, as I was still shy of an oil change. 2001 7.3L with about 160K on injectors. I’m averaging 1.5mpg more on liquid fuel, and 200+ degrees less on EGT’s – even with my SuperChips DPI running wide open.

Another benefit is that after the oil additive, its quieter, and fires up INSTANTLY, even after sitting for a couple days.

I’m sold. Will be ordering more. The EGT thing is huge, i live in arizona and anything that lowers heat is a godsend.

Costin Hoffmann Reply

2000 F350 7.3L; 169,700mi.
First off, I am a major skeptic of gimmicks. The ONLY reason I tried this stuff is because of Mr. Hewitt sponsoring it. Now, the only reason I listen to his opinion is because his videos have fixed my truck multiple times. I bought the truck with 150,267 miles on it. Boy was it a wreck. I really wish I had found out about Archoil at that time. After watching multiple videos the trucks run really good. When I had some issues, I used Marvels Mystery Oil and was, at the time and so I thought, the best stuff around. When I saw him sponsor Archoil, I was down to try it. This is liquid gold folks. I will NEVER run anything else in the truck. By the way, my experience with Archoil is coming from the free bottle, just pay shipping, which I had in three days, really not bad! After pouring 1/4 of the 1oz bottle, I ended up not having to drive my truck for about 24 hours. That stuff did something to my truck while driving it the next day. It was much more quiet, smoother idle, great throttle response. The truck is driving so well I can’t keep my foot out of it. When you can tell something changes and it works, you can’t help but believe it. I am definitely going to purchase both the oil and the bigger fuel treatment. I’m really excited to try the oil, the reviews on here have been great.

Greg w Reply

Tried the sample stuff worked great ordering both oil and fuel products right now! Stuff is amazing thanks powerstrokehelp!!

Ron Reply

96 F350 7.3 5 spd, 101,000 miles, turbo down pipe, straight exhaust, TS Performance selectable tuner on 50 hp only. No significant increase in loaded (17,000 GCVW) mileage of 11 but, it runs a bunch better and requires less foot on the throttle. Seems smoother on cold start. Temps have not increased but a smidgen. Have not drove enough miles solo to know mileage results there. Less shifting required for hills. Will try the oil additive next change. Saw Hot Shot work in a buddy’s truck with a serious case of stiction after 2 doses. Anxious to see Archoil on a stiction issue. Thanks for recommending something that does work.

Mathew cruz Reply

Very impressed with archoil

    GUY Reply

    I tried the product in my 7.3 , 5.9 cummins and wifes Exploder.
    Sorry did nothing for me, Just another “Snake oil”as I figured but had to try it.
    i know you won’t post this, So its a waste of time too.

Joe F Reply

Just received Bill’s free sample the other day and I am impressed. My 200,000 + mile truck is running almost like new after just a tank of Archoil treated fuel and my mileage has picked up too. I liked what I saw so well I have been adding Archoil to every engine I own! Great stuff, will be ordering more soon.

David Reply


Ken Reply

Being skeptical I was glad for the Archoil challenge. I have a road I can drive 10 miles, flat no stopping, both directions at 55 mph that I have use as a check to see how the truck is doing. Get up 55, turn on cruse control and drive, then turn around the other direction. I am completely surprised to say my mileage across that short test improved by at least 10% and I hesitate to say higher even though I THINK it was more but memory could be poor. I just did not think it would really happen… and immediately after putting in such a small amount. Advice for others. Write down your test performance before and then put in the additive. I believe I was getting 16 avg round trip before and with the additive it registered 19 + at the end. 2004 F250 CC short bed 70,000 miles.

    Ernie Reply

    I have a 2004 stock and never saw more than 11 mpg from the dealer till now. I think your math is off.

Richard Reply

I am an Old Dog and drive an Old Dog 1988 F350 crew cab, 5 speed, 7.3 IDI, 4.10 ratio axle, about 100,000 on a rebuilt engine.
I have added the AR6200 to my fuel only driven 135 miles but started seeing a difference in performance right away, now I have added AR9100 to my oil, did not change the oil as I just changed it and only been 1500 miles, I an in central Texas and the weather has been 50+ here and it always runs on all 8 at start up in this temp. Check the DB before @ 89 (hood open standing just in front @ 68º) rechecked next morning at 52º DB @ 81. I am going to be adding the AR9100 to my transmission,rear end and PS fluid also. I plan to use the AR6200 and AR9100 in my Older Pup a 1987 Ranger std cab XLT long bed 2.9 gas, 5 speed in the fuel, engine, trans, and rear end, this one has 198,000+ miles on it and gets 22-24 MPG now.
I will give an up date when I check the fuel mileage, this old dog has been getting 17-18. Will also update on the Old Pup.

Scott Reply

The AR6200 has made a real difference in my truck in only 40 miles. I know this is about Ford Powerstrokes, but I wanted to test it on a gas engine. 2002 Silverado 2500HD 6.0 with 109,000. The truck starts much quicker, has smoother acceleration and throttle response, and sounds so quiet. It just feels like it had a tune-up. I have tried a lot of additives, but this truly works. I’m ordering the oil side as well as the fuel conditioner. Awesome! Thanks Bill, keep the videos and product referrals coming!

Randy Seyfert Reply

I put some AR6200 in the tank last week and am impressed
with the results. I can’t really tell what it has or has not done for the fuel economy because I have been doing some
heavy towing, but I can certainly say that the engine runs
quieter, has more power, and starts quicker in the morning.

Moises Franco Reply

Can’t believe the MPG I’m getting from the F-350 since AR6200 was added to the fuel tank. The engine is now quieter, stronger and responsive. Just one ounce of additive for a full tank truly made a radical difference: At least 30% of MPG improvement. Will definitely continue using it from now on.

Mat c Reply

Archoil performed as it was expected to, I feel more power under the pedal of my 2002 Ford F250 7.3 it also amped my mileage up from 15 to 17 miles per gallon, upon the next oil change I intend to put the oil friction modifier in,

Ryan Reply

I pulled traveled 900 miles with and 900 miles without archoil in my 2008 f250 6.4 and saw no change in mileage. All highway driving with very consistant conditions. Mileage was done by hand not lie o meter.

Donald M. Reply

Thus far, I am really impressed with the results achieved with Archoil’s AR6200 complex. Power delivery is smooth. The engine starts quick and idles great on startup, with no hints of smoke whatsoever. This product has produced results achieved with competitors products.
I’ve done extensive research; I’ve seen many a review and testimonial and I am satisfied with the results from my initial 30ml bottle. However, I have yet to come across a neutral, third-party measured comparison between Archoil and their competitors. From what I’ve seen through product tests, the Archoil achieves great results and in my own experience, I am not disappointed. What I would like to see is a comparison between Archoil and their competitors. I want to see how it stacks up to the competition with a measured, controlled test across the board.

Tom C Reply

I took the challenge and I am impressed with how my truck starts and runs! I gave my friend half my sample and he told me his truck fired right up and he already purchased your product for his truck! I plan on using both products from now on! Thanks for the sample..!I’m hooked..!

Mike Volker Reply

Hi there, I have received the AR6200 sample and put it into my tank as per instructions before filling her up. I drove for about 200 miles and did not realize any improvements in fuel mileage or response of the engine. This might be due to the fact that I am driving a 2012 F-350 4×4 CC SRW with only 24000 miles on it and the engine is still essentially new. I did however realize longer active exhaust cleaning intervals which gives an indication that something is going on. The only concern is, that with the lowered exhaust temperature, the EGR coolers are going to get glogged up faster. As higher temperatures normally work during the passive cleaning cycle to burn of contaminents and reduce the active cleaning cycles. Just wondering if this lower exhaust temperature is not counterproductive on the newer diesels. Again, this might just be a 6.7 Ltr. Scorpion issue. I do understand that this helped a lot of guys with their 6.0’s but the verdict on the 6.7’s is still out.

    Kim Reply

    I just bought a 2016 F 250 with a 6.7 with only 75 miles on it and I would like to know as well.

Charles Reply

I own a 2002 F350 4×4 crew cab long bed. It has K&N intake straight 3″ pipe turbo back with 165,000 miles running super chips light tow equal to 190 FPT and 90 HP bump to the rear wheels. Pillar gages EGT, Trans, Boost,. I run delo with lucas in it currently. I typically tow a 10,000 LB toy hauler and load about 2000 LBS in the bed at the same time. I just tried the AR6200 free sample in the fuel. I did not notice a decrease in EGT temps. I may have some slight fuel economy gains but nothing significantly noticeable. I don’t believe that this small sample size test was enough to accurately give me enough data to make a decision. But I am going to try the full oil and fuel treatment. Bill is usually right so at this point it cant hurt to do more testing on my rig. Thank you for the sample.

Brandon Hoda Reply

I have 2003 6.0 220000 miles and I ran the AR6200 Fuel Modification through two tanks of fuel. I could tell the engine ran smoother and started better. Just before I started the Archoil challenge, I got some bad fuel with water in it. I drained the water separator and could tell the Archoil helped the engine run better even after my water in fuel issue. It’s hard to gather a lot of information only on two tanks of use; so I plan to buy more and do some long term testing. I will post my long term results when I complete them.

Handyman Brandon Reply

’02 7.3

I have yet to try the oil modifier; I only tried the fuel additive that Bill sent me for free. While I certainly didn’t experience any adverse effects, I’m not sure that I noticed any positive changes either. It’s possible that I keep my truck maintained enough that the additive can’t improve very much.

Everything Bill has said on his videos is spot on, so I have no reason to doubt the information he conveys about this additive. I plan to buy the oil and fuel additives together and see if that changes anything.

Nilsa Reply

My 2007 Saturn Aura XR has 54000 miles, after the additive and a short drive I could tell that it drove a bit easier, like it had more power at the low end. So far so good I’ll keep track of it.

Nate Reply

Truck seems to run smoother and more quiet. Can’t really say I’ve experienced improvements in fuel economy, but then I mainly drive short distances. Would recommend.

Vidal Reply

Best thing u can do to your 7.3l powerstoke

kyle gagne Reply

99 7.3
So far I’ve noticed the engine running cooler and a little smoother. Also it starts almost instantly in the morning.

Shannon Reply

I will continue to use the fuel treatment (AR6200) from here on out! I feel I don’t have to give as much throttle to get up to speed in my 05 F-250 6.0.
I have been using the oil treatment (AR9100) starting 1-17-14 till present & I have no intention of stopping.
Archoil is the best mod I have done to my truck to date!

    Shannon Reply

    I am using the Archoil products as preventive maintenance as I have new injectors & the stranded bulletproofing that goes with owning a 6.0

anton c Reply

Great product! engine cold starts right away and runs a lot smoother.

Jorge Reply

Great product, my truck runs quieter and smoother. Defitnetly recommend it. Thanks Bill

Travis Reply

My truck seems to start a little quicker but did not see any improvements otherwise. I think I am going to buy the combo of fuel and oil additives and give it a longer try.

Mike Reply

2000 f250 116000 miles no problems, hypertec programing 19.1 average mpg. Tried the fuel condtioner engine was quieter, smoother idling, a notice in increased power and mileage increased to approx. 22.9 mpg. I love it.

Collin Reply

I had tried the sample you gave me of AR6200 and I am very impressed with the results in my 2005 6.0. so impressed that I am going to order a 16 oz bottle of AR6200.

Wes B. Reply

Recently, after watching several videos from, I decided to try the Archoil 6200 fuel additive. I got the free sample.
I am very skeptical about anything like this actually working, and have tried many “snake oils” in the past with no noticeable results.
This is not the case with Archoil.
My truck usually averages 13.5-14.5 mpg under normal driving conditions. I just finished a 250 mile test run with the AR6200 and got a hand calculated 17.3mpg!
It honestly blew my mind.
My truck is a 2006 6.0 with 137,000 miles. New headgaskets and ARP studs. EGR delete, new oil cooler and no muffler. 34″ tall tires. SCT Tuner with innovative diesel “aggressive street” tune.
All I can say is, trust Bill Hewitt and also give Archoil a try. I cant wait to try the AR9100 oil additive next.

Tim Reply

I took bills arch oil challenge I have watched every YouTube video bill has and I take his advise seriously but I was highly disappointed with this product I went from 15.8 mpgmpg to 12.2 mpg over a 600 mile period I was very disappointed with the results I have been using the Stanadyne fuel treatment with better results of 16.5 mpg I’m not sure if it is a problem with my truck or the additive but I am open to suggestions

    Bill Hewitt Reply

    More than likely the fuel filter is clogged with crud from the tank. This is common when a tank is especially cruddy. It may also be a failed fuel pump. You need to have your truck looked at. Please follow up and let us know what you find.

      Scott Reply

      Hey Bill,
      I have just added the fuel treatment to my truck and am sensing faster throttle response and what seems like better low end performance, but I am only 80 miles in to the tank and am holding out before I comment more on my results.

Mike Wyatt Reply

This works great improves gas mileage and over all Engine just sounds better. I will be ordering the oil and fuel package for both of my diesel trucks 7.3 and 6.4
Thanks for making my mind up with this test Mike

Andy Reply

I ordered the free sample but I dont have a 6.0 PSD I have a 12v Cummins. Ive heard that the AR products work well with many other types of engines outside of PSD’s. I have run 2 tanks thru my 12v and I cant say Ive noticed any change in MPG or cold starts or smoother operation. But I do not blame AR6200 for that, the 12v cummins platform can tolerate such a wide range of fuel quality that I was skeptical about seeing a real difference. I have no doubt that if I had a PSD id be running this product based off what I have read and will recommend it to friends that own PSD’s

Tammy Reply

I have tried the sample of AR6200. I have a Duramax that was running rough. The engine is now running quiet. When I accelerate quickly there is no more black smoke. My mpg has dropped but this maybe attributed to my teenage son who is now driving my truck on his own.

David Reply

Very happy with the fuel additive. It does not get that cold in the Bay Area California but have noticed that my early morning starts at 430am are much faster. My truck is getting better fuel mileage and power in a 2004 6.0 excursion.

Bryan Reply

I got the free trial of the AR6200, it works, I noticed more power with less throttle and increased my fuel mileage from 15mpg to 17mpg. I recommend using this product.

Javier Reply

I have a 2010 f350 I back out every morning and walk in front of my truck to lock the gate on my way to work and recently noticed what almost sounded like a rocker arm noise or loud injector (clack clack sound)I added the fuel stabilizer for other reasons fuel mileage constant Regen cycles and noticed two days and 100 miles later no more noise(?). My regen cycle also lasted half the time it normally would

Noah Isman Reply

Hey bill,
I participated in the archoil challenge, although my 2004 F250 is not a Powerstroke, I have the 5.4 triton, I still wanted to give this stuff a shot. Well just like you said, this stuff is awesome!! My 5.4 has 219,570 miles on it & before archoil I got around 8.6 mpg. But after 3 tanks of the additive I’m getting 11.4 mpg! That’s huge! I went from spending almost $100 a week on fuel to, depending on how much I drive $55. I love this stuff!

Thomas Graham Reply

I just finish my first tank of diesel with the AR6200 Fuel Additive. So far the truck runs better. I haven’t seen any better MPG yet, but I’m only only my second tank. I’m ordering the oil additive and I’ll send in a update.

alex Reply

i just put it on my fill up,noticed it started a lil better still need to more time to get a better answer will update

Jason Beluschok Reply

I took the challenge on my 6.7 2012 Power Stroke with 18,000 miles.
I did notice maybe a little bit more throttle response when pulling out..
I gained about 1 more mpg driving to work and back (All Interstate 24 miles)
Took a 200+ mile trip one weekend and got 19.5 on the interstate with the cruise one at 65mph. Not much of a gain there because that’s what I normally get on a long trip if I don’t drive fast. I was expecting more from what I was hearing. I just wonder if the little bit of gain I got was due to the fuel stations switching over to summer blend? I always take a hit in the winter and gain it back in the Spring. This time I added the Archoil at the same time the new fuel probably came out so I really don’t know what gave me the gain??
I’m more interested in the lubrication more then anything.. I realize driving a crew cab dually isn’t going to be the best economical thing. I bought it to tow and travel that’s about all. I want it to last and not give me any trouble way too early.
I’ll probably get more additive just to see if the Re-gens don’t happen as much. If they don’t that is proof that it is cleaner burning fuel. If this happens I’m SOLD!!

paul Reply

Just used my free sample in my 97 7.3. I can defiantly feel an increase in responsiveness. the truck is far happier to go at all speeds. I wont be buying any other fuel treatments for my truck again.

Joe Reply

Obviously Bill Hewitt knows his stuff and I trust him so I ordered the free sample of AR6200 for my ’03 7.3 with 250k miles. I’ve not gone through my first tank and half sample but can already notice a different in starting and engine noise. I’m definitely ordering more fuel additive along with the oil additive.

Eric Kennedy Reply

2002 F250 7.3 4×4

I was skeptical at first when trying this product but its results are no joke. My truck did not like to start in the cold and its cold starts have improved significantly. My truck has also been running a lot smoother and smoking less. Bottom line is this stuff works and for me, its worth the money. Definitely going to be ordering more of the Archoil 6200.

Brad Griffeth Reply

I have a 05 Powerstroke and it started running really hard, I could tell it was the injectors. So I started looking for a cheaper way to fix them rather than replacing them. I came across Archoil and thought I’d give it a try. Wow!!! I didn’t think stuff like this would really work, but it did. Less smoke, easier cold starts, running smother and better fuel mileage, my truck gauge was running at 11.8 mpg’s and now it’s reading 14.9 you do the math. You have to not only run the 6200 in the fuel but the 9100 in the oil as well, the both the together is a must. Thanks Bill for the free 6200 I am a believer.

George Reply

I have a lifted 2005 F-350 with the 6 litre. I have VERY BAD cold starts in Colorado; so much that I have drained both batteries a few times trying to start it in temps below 45 degrees if I don’t plug in the block heater. Smokes like crazy until it warms up too!! I have been researching this issue a lot and took Bill’s Archoil Challenge since all he does is work on Powerstroke trucks. After ONE tank (1/2 the sample) my truck starts MUCH easier on cold days. It was 47 degrees the other day and I did not plug it in. It cranked in 2-3 seconds vs. the normal 4-5 and it actually stayed running!!!! Normally I have to crank it 3-4 times if it’s cold because it keeps dying. The engine seems to run a lot smoother now, I get power faster (stiction causing no power when cold but it’s improving), I’m now getting better throttle response and it’s quieter.
In addition, I’ve already picked up 1.5 MPG on the highway! Haven’t used the rest of the sample yet but I’m sure I’ll continue to see the benefits. Will be ordering the full package when the next oil change is due (soon). THANK YOU BILL! My wife is ready to trade the truck in because of the cold start issues. I think you saved my truck!!!!!! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK and THANK YOU for!!!!!!!!

Randall Reply

I ordered the sample for my 04 F250 6.0L. I used Powerservice prior to this and PS doesn’t hold a candle to AR2600. Within 30minutes of driving I noticed an increase in power and how much quieter the engine ran. It also felt to run and idle smoother. Over a week I noticed a fuel economy increase of 3 to 5 mpg. I will definitely being ordering more and be trying out the oil additive as well.

Aidan Reply

I finally received the sample of fuel additive in the mail and this stuff works great!! My 06 6.0 has just shy of 170k and runs fine already, so I thought… It took less than 10 min of driving for the engine to quiet down to almost inaudible levels while at cruising speed. I’ve never experienced any cold start issues with my truck in the first place but I figured I might try it. It definitely has gained power back, especially after first starting truck. I will be soon trying the oil additive. We even tried some in my brother’s 97 Volvo wagon with a gas engine, wow, just like the 6.0 it took less than 10 min of driving to notice a quieter and more powerful engine.

Matt Reply

I’ve been using the free sample that bill gave me in my last two fill ups. My truck ran smoother and quieter. I had better throttle response and the truck seemed as if it had had a tune up. Sadly so i did not get any better fuel milage like most people have encountered. I get an average of 13.69 mpg in my 02 7.3 F350 with 230k miles.

Darrell Reply

2002 7.3 185000 miles.
Ordered the sample and used half the product as recommended . The engine smoothed out and seemed to run much quieter. Went ahead and ordered kit since oil was just changed and used the friction modifier too. Haven’t got any mileage results but was already getting 18 mpg so even if the mileage stays the same the engine smoothness an ease of starts is well worth the price.

Chase Reply

I got the free trial of the AR6200, and I bought the AR9100 as well, I put these products into my 2005 6.0 PowerStroker (222,000 Miles)…. YEA, it works, I noticed more power, smoother running, and better MPG’s while pulling a 12,500lbs fifthwheel. I recommend using this product. I will be using these product on a regular basis.

Scotty Reply

Powerstroke help gave me the oil & fuel pack when I had my 6.0L dealer proofed. I didn’t see a big gain in fuel economy. I did however try the fuel teatment in my wife’s 2012 Accord and 2009 Sequoia. There was a 3 mpg increase in both in every day driving.

Cody Eldridge Reply

Hi everyone! I have used the free sample of the AR6200 fuel additive and have noticed a fairly size able fuel mileage increase of 1.5-2 mpg under my normal mixed city/highway mileage. At 65mph I was seeing upward of 21+mpg and 17.5 @ 80mph. The AR9100 oil additive though has yet to impress me. I had stiction issues in my 6.0 prior to the additive that were even noticeable at 75 degrees outside on start up. Once the truck warms up it runs fine with no issues. I have noticed a shorter stiction period and sometimes no stiction at all, but I am nearing 1000mi and still experiencing stiction related issues upon start up. Hopefully it clears the problems up completely soon or I may have to look into the money back guarantee or maybe another dose. I’ll try and update with more results later on. Thanks for the info Bill.

Steve Johnson Reply

Took Bill’s challenge on the Archoil sample AR6200 fuel treatment. WOW! This is a must try diesel owners. I have a 2001 F250 with 170,000 Miles here in Michigan. What a boost in acceleration and quietness. I give it A+. I’ve been using high quality synthetic diesel motor oil ever since my break in period and have had NO problems. Oil change once a year or every 25,000 miles with Ea Oil Filters. Guaranteed check it out: EA 25,000 Mile Oil Filter Giving the Friction modifier next along with a refill on the sample AR6200 fuel treatment. Thanks Bill, Steve

Shane Herold Reply

Ran the fuel additive through my 308,000 mile 7.3 that has pretty fresh 175/146 swamps injectors and DP tuning, 2-3 mpg increase, starts quicker, runs smoother. Look foward to trying the oil additive in something that needs injectors.

David Reply

Bill: I noticed a huge difference immediately in the way the truck started and how smoothe it ran. I had just replaced the heads on my 06 Dually and it has 62,000 miles on it. Prior to me adding Arch Oil it had a slight extended start time. I added 16oz of arch oil and also the fuel additive. It can tell a huge difference in the way that motor sounds and runs. I was skeptical but I am now a firm believer in the product.

Sergio Reply

Ran the fuel additive in my 2002 excursion 174k nothing wrong with it just wanted to gain a bit more mpg . I drive 60 miles round trip every week day to my job and I was averaging about 12.4 mpg . Drove for about 100 miles then did some calculations and I. The ar6200 gave me 18.4-19 mpg on the highway not only that but the truck runs smoothly amazing I’m now a archoil costumer for life thanks Bill

Gene Reply

I have a 2003 F-250 FX4 with the 7.3L/w Banks kit. I currently have 300000 miles on this truck and it is still running strong, thanks to your YouTube Preventive Maintenance videos. The only parts I have changed on this engine so far is the water pump, the front oil seal and the alternator. I have I have to say though, I am very impressed with the AR6200 fuel additive. The noticeable thing I have seen was how quiet the engine has gotten. I have also noticed running at 70 on the highway the RPM’s went from 2000 to 1800 and that was just with the fuel treatment. I do plan on getting the Oil treatment to see what kind of performance I can get with it then. Thank’s for the sample it has made me re-evaluate the current fuel additive that I use.


Derek Caylor Reply

I tried the 30ml sample that was sent promptly after taking the Archoil challenge. The truck is a 2011 F250 6.7l. I used it while towing 4,000-8,000lbs in a dump trailer for most of the two tanks. The truck got 18.1 mpg in one tank and 18.4 in the next (while towing). I’m very impressed. The truck normally gets 19 mpg empty without any additive. I cant wait to see what it does not towing now. Truck is “deleted” and normally puffs just a little smoke (if you stab the throttle) before the turbo spools. I noticed it doesn’t smoke at all using the Archoil. I’ll be ordering some more as soon as I hit submit :).

Travis P. Reply

I was a RevX user and Amsoil dealer. I am now an Archoil believer. I use it in two 6.0L’s and two TDI’s. The fuel additive has made everything quieter and increased mpg. The oil additive I’ve only used in my 300 plus thousand mile 6.0L that had horrible stiction. It has made it much more tolerable. I just ordered more oil additive for my other 6.0L. Overall I would recommend this product to anyone.

Richard Reply

My truck is a 2008 F250, 6.4, 6 speed manual, 3:73, Mini Max, Kem 75HP tune, DPF/Cat delete, 142,000 miles.

I recently took the truck on a trip that I traveled several times in the past. I wanted to test the additive on a known trip and fuel mileage.

The trip consisted of 2 lane roads, cruse control set at 68MPH. Passing through several small towns, reducing speed to 25MPH, passing slower vehicles, requiring accelerating from 40MPH to 75 plus, 4800 to 6000 feet in elevation.

The following observations are the result of this trip,

Smoke Could not tell if there was any reduction in smoke.

Acceleration The roads traveled on were mostly 2 lanes, so it involved passing semis, and other slower vehicles. I could defiantly feel the difference in acceleration. Less hesitation, what little there was before, and much smoother.

Noise The engine idle was noticeably quieter.

Fuel Mileage The same trip in the past would yield on average 17.4 MPG. This trip yield 20.2 MPG.

Conclusion I drove over the road semis for 25 plus years. I have seen many fuel additives promising everything from, better fuel mileage to making your laundry cleaner. I have never seen any of them live up to the promise. Some help a little but most don’t. Archoil did what it claims to do.

I will be taking a 2400 mile round trip to Gillette WY this summer pulling my 8500lb 5th wheel. I have taken this trip before, so I will have numbers to compare to.

I would not be surprised if Archoil improved the engine performance and fuel mileage.

Cameron Reply

I bought some of the archoil 6200 for my late 99 F250 extended cab long bed 7.3 powerstroke with 171k miles. So far the results are looking very promising. The truck is just about bone stock, i have no programmer, running stock injectors, 6637 air filter from riff raff diesel, and a glow shift triple pillar pod just to keep an eye on boost, egts, and trans temps. The truck is 2wd for right now until i get around to converting to 4 wheel drive. Running stock rim and tire size, and 3.73 limited slip axle. I’m currently at 330 miles and sitting just above the half tank mark with a 38 gallon tank. Normally im seeing roughly 300 miles or less at a half tank. so Im ready to see what kind of mpg im getting. I have noticed start ups havent changed much as temps around here have been in the 70s. EGTs on the other hand have seemed to be just a little bit lower and the engine has seemed to smooth out and is a bit quieter as well. I just did a fresh oil change with valvoline premium blue 15 w40, and a fresh tank of country mark diesel fuel. so both of those factors could help with fuel mileage as around here stations are starting to switch back over to regular diesel fuel from winterized fuel. with my winterized fuel ive seen around 15 to 17 mpg and in the summer ive seen as much as 19 mpg, so once im ready to fuel back up it will be interesting to see just what im getting now.

Fred Reply

Bill, I just got your product in the mail yesterday evening. Takes awhile to get this far in the montana sticks.I’m heading to town right now (75 miles) to fuel up,Hauling cows tomorrow so i’ll really put this stuff to the test ,I’ll let you know monday how things are going. Thank you for sharing your priceless knowledge, your videos have already saved us thousands.And i just found your site two weeks ago. So thank you ,thank you thank you! Fred.

Mike Reply

Used the fuel additive and noticed that my 6.4 quieted down with in 20 miles.truck seems like it has more power throughout the range.

Mike in michigan

John Reply

2002 F-350, 50 hp T S tune, 2wd, reg cab, auto, 373 gears,161,000 mls, Put the fuel add in and didn’t really notice any diff but I am not having any troubles at this time, I’m looking for a long term PM product. I think a longer test might be better for me. Mileage did increase but it was ever so slight ( 18.58 vs 18.84 ). I drive pretty easy and this is just run around driving. EGTs might have shown a 20-25 degree drop on a short hiway drive (less than 7 miles ) run. Bills advice has helped me in the past and I respect his opinion so I will try the package and see how it works. Keep up the good work Bill, I’m sure I speak for many when I say thank you for your help and info. John

jim zickefoose Reply

Snake oil fuel additive? i don’t know, but what i do know is that my 7.3 is running noticeably quieter and smoother much more car like. Is it my imagination? I put a few drops in my Honda VTX1800 gas tank and it also is running much smoother and so does my john deer mower and my SDG pit bike. I will be using The ar6200 fuel additive from here on, in fact i already ordered the 9100 and 6200 kit from Mr. Bill

Myles Reply

This stuff just works. 1.5 MPG increase, better response, quieter on the highway, and starts in about two seconds. I have run 75 gallons, 1372.5 miles (18.3 mpg), and about half of that was pulling 12,000+ pounds. 2000 F350 7.3 crew cab dually with TS Performance Chip.

I do live in flat land Kansas.


Steven Post Reply

I received the free trial bottle of the 6200 fuel modifier. I have to say I was a bit skeptical at first, but figured I’d give it a try. My 06 F250 never was great on fuel mileage. At highway speeds I’m lucky to get 12 or 13 mpg. On the back county roads doing 50mph and nursing the pedal I can squeeze 19 mpg out of the old girl, that’s the max. I added the fuel additive to my tank on Sunday. Monday I had some running around to do. I didn’t notice a change at first but figured I had to give the additive a chance to mix in and get into the fuel system. Monday afternoon I was driving home and glanced down at the scan gauge mpg reading and it was showing 25.5 mpg. Granted this was doing 50 mph on a road with a slight decline. My truck has never seen 25.5 unless your driving it off a cliff. As I kept driving the mpg did come down a little. It was fluctuating between 21.5 and 23.5. That is the best gas mileage my truck has ever seen. I think I will be putting my truck on the full 6200/9100 package.

Brewer Reply

I took the Archoil challenge from Powerstroke Specialty because I trust Bill Hewitt. I have a 2014 F-250 Crew 4×4 6.7L I bought new and now has 19,000 miles. Adding Archoil increased my MPG to 18 avg with a 3:55 rear end and stock configuration from 15.2. Second tank was 16 MPG average. I did not use this with the oil additive however I plan on doing so.
I owned a 2004 6.0 crew 4×4 with 192k with what I thought was 2 bad injectors previous to this, I wish I’d’ve known about Archoil sooner. I had a 99 7.3 crew 4×4 previous and traded it in with 285k that was cold natured and this could’ve helped it as well..
Maybe Ive found what will keep me in one for a longer time! Archoil works. My 6.7 runs smoother and glides seamlessly to speed. I’ll be looking into the oil additive as a supplement this time.
Thank you.
Brewer in South GA.

james Reply

Saw smoother operation after 30 miles.
Will be a repeat user.

Daniel C. Cerrato Reply

I see a ~3 mpg increase, the engine sounds and feels a little smoother in all the tunes I’ve used so far. I’ll keep buying it.

Eric Reply

Mine is a new (1500 miles) F350 PSD with no issues. I just want the best fuel mileage and longevity. I have a 76 mile daily commute over rolling interstate and secondary roads with usually very little traffic issues. I am about 400 miles into my trial with AR6200 and my fuel mileage has gone from 19.3 to 20.1. The surprising thing to me is that I have had a couple of unexpected short trips and traffic issues, so this is really a bigger improvement than it looks like. With just the Opti-Lube Summer + I had been using, I would have been about 18.5 under similar driving conditions. It will be interesting to see if the great mileage continues when I am down to the normal dose instead of the start up dose.

Steve Reply

1999 7.3 with 115,000 finally tried the fuel additive and I was somewhat impressed. One hill in town that I would have to shift into 3rd I now can pull in 4th. On a 110 mile trip today at a steady 67 mph I got 17.5 mpg on CA diesel, so the mileage is up about 1.5 per gallon. It does not quiet the engine down like some of the other additives that I have tried, but maybe after I do an oil change and use the oil add it might. I am running a Super Chip with the 90 hp AFC intake and 4 in exhaust, with the intake heater delete, manual trans.


Jack Reply

I’m still on my first tank of fuel and although I’m not seeing any change in mileage I believe my 7.3 might be running a bit quieter. I did get a check engine light on the first day of using the additive but it didn’t stay on for long so it could have been just a coincidence. I’ll let you know once I get thru my second tank of fuel.

Royal Reply

I put the AR6200 fuel additive in my 2012 F-350 DRW and have only driven 150 miles. I do feel better throttle response but the power in the 6.7 has always been awesome and it always runs quite. I will see if anything else changes as I drive more miles so I can make a better decision. I think it would of helped more when I had my 7.3 or 6.0. Keep up the good work Bill and will probable order more in the near future. Thanks for the free sample.

Quentin Lloyd Reply

I have a 2002 F-350 7.3. I added the ar9100 friction modifier with my oil change and it definitely helped. Truck starts a little easier and seems quieter which means the injectors aren’t wearing as much. I also added the ar6200 to my diesel fuel. It seems like there is a small improvement in power and Milage. It makes me want to drive faster so I didn’t calculate the mpg increase. Overall two very good and worthwhile products.

Ricky Reply

Bill I have a 2006 King ranch crew cab with 36k that I bought new . The reason it low mileage is it has never got good mileage 13 mpg . After adding archoil the truck runs quieter it takes longer for the tempture to come up and it’s still hard to believe 16 mpg on first tank. Waiting to see what second tank does

John Dapper Reply

I have a stock 1997 4×4 3/4 ton that has about 60,000 miles on current rebuild. I live on a large yacht, so my truck is outside all the time. What I noticed with Archoil fuel additive was the difference in my cruise control. I am in a rural area with hills. I use the cruise as often as possible. On several grades where the cruise would down shift, the truck now climbs in overdrive. I have more power. Never checked mpg so don’t know of any change. Truck seems to start better, but no cold weather now to really test. I am looking forward to using Archoil in my boat’s fuel. Current boat mpg is 1.

    John Dapper Reply

    re: 1997 7.3 4×4 auto, 3/4 ton, under 60,000 miles on overhaul, feedback update:
    Earlier feedback was given too soon. Now, having run several tanks, the engine is even smoother and starts like a well tuned gas engine. New it never was this good. I am 67 and drive slower than most. I finally checked the mileage, twice, and was well over 22 mpg. In a truck! I am going to use the kit fuel additive in my boat running Detroit Diesels and see what happens.

      John Dapper Reply

      Just did a round trip from Astoria to Vancouver Island to pick up stored boat gear. In the past I never checked mileage. Now it’s a treat to see what’s new. I averaged above 25mpg on the trip driving 2 lane hwy roads. I can’t get that in my Jeep Grand Cherokee. Using Archoil 9100 and 6200 additives. Got comments from another 7.3 owner on how quickly my truck starts. Usually fires on the first revolution. Never did this new. Also using 5100 rust remover on boat equipment.

Willy Reply

2011 F250 with 6.7 I have been disappointed with the mileage
(around 12.8) and with the first tank of additive it has improved to 14.3. Seems to actually work. Thanks Bill, The only reason I was willing to try this product is because I trust you.

Joel Reply

I don’t have a PS anymore, but I did try the AR6200 in my 05 dodge durango w/ 5.7 Hemi. I had to make 1000 mile run to pick-up a horse in Tenn. I live in NC. As near as I can I got about I MPG increase. Pulling the horse trailer I get about 10.5 mpg with the AR6200 I got 11.5. 1oz is not much to test with 2 tanks out of 9 total tanks for the trip. I hope this helps someone.

Troy Reply

I have a 2004 F250 6.0. Truck has 145k on it. Did not have a stiction problem and ran good already. I took the challenge just to see if it would make a difference. I averaged around 13 to 14mpg around town and 17 to 18mpg on the high. After putting both the 9100 and fuel additive in on a fresh 15w / 40 oil change I have driven around 100 miles since. I am averaging 15 to 17 in town now and and got 23mpg on the highway this morning. My 6.0 is also quieter now, almost like the motor is running easier. I am sold on the product. Bill I live in Alaska and it doesn’t get anymore harsher weather then here. Now if I can just get my Powerstroke shop to carry it lol. I gave him the paperwork you sent me. Thanks for the product and video’s.

justin Reply

Noticed my truck ran better with the Fuel additive and started quicker with no smoke. I got about 1mpg better in town but haven’t had a chance to use it on the highway. Cant wait to try fuel and oil additive together when I change my oil next. My 6.0 is running strong.

scott Reply

03 6.0, had slight cold crank issues before use. Took the challenge and within 30 miles noticed a huge change.. It really works.. Caint wait to try the oil additive ..

Trent Reply

I have a 2006 F250 4×4 with the 6.0 Diesel engine. My truck currently has 118,654 miles on it and it’s runs perfect. I bought Archoil AR9100 oil treatment and AR6200 fuel treatment just to give it a try after read and watching videos about it. WoW! Is what I can say about these two products. I put both Archoil products in my truck and drove it on the highway. My truck runs smoother and much quieter. My mpg on avg on the highway before using Archoil was 16-17 mpg unloaded. I’m running 3.73 gears and on 33″ tires. After using both AR9100 & AR6200 in my truck I have noticed that my highway mpg have increased to 17.8- 20 mpg and that’s running 70-75 mph on Texas highways. I’m a very happy with Archoil products.

Rafic Reply

Just started using the fuel supplement yesterday and already noticed how my 06 350 starts quicker and runs significantly smoother can’t wait to order the friction modifier!

timothy Reply

i have noticed better throttle response, have not had a chance to check mpg yet i am a gauge watcher big time and by my fuel gauge i would say absolutly mpg is better cannot wait to pull my trailer, and the oil treatment

Forest Halleck Reply

Just saying 2003 7.3 Gear head tuner. Like to turn it to 6 and pour out the black smoke! Since I used the Archoil kit my smoke is cut in half. Must be the better combustion! Motor sounded different immediately very pleased

James Reply

I decided to try the products on my 2000 f250 crew cab 4×4 to see if it work better than rev x and to my surprise this product ar6200 fuel treatment with the ar9100 oil treatment work way better and cost half the price. I saw a difference in just 10 miles the truck suddenly had more power and injectors were a lot quieter and got ride of my number 8 not passing test and I saw a 2 mpg increase and I run my truck in a 80 e tune ,this product was definitely worth the money and it costs half of what rev x costs and dose a much better job.I will now be using the archoil in my gear box’s too.

Scott Reply

Welp… I had to try the AR6200 after reading about it. I have a 99 F-250 7.3 which runs flawless, only has 123k on it. Anyway, since the introduction of low sulphur diesel fuel my mileage went down from ave of 17 to 15-15.5…happy to report it went back up to 17-17.5 ish and engine runs smoother, or seemingly so. Will be doing the whole shebang when I do next oil change and see how yhat goes. Get some, you’ll be glad you did!

Don Simpson Reply

I tried your AR6200 Fuel Modification sample in my 2005 f350 6.0 we tow a 39ft 5th wheel and we noticed a vast improvement in fuel mileage and the truck seems to be running a lot smoother. we are sold will be ordering the kit. thanks for a great product….

Brandon Shadrock Reply

First off thanks Bill for the sample. I noticed a very smooth purr in my 05 6.0 with 137 k on it, the up hill power came back and the overall smoothness was just amazing! nice start ups every time! You can bet Archoil will be apart my engines digestive system now. Thanks again Powerstroke help!

John Reply

why is that there are no skeptical or negative reviews. I cannot believe that this product has a 100% positive experience. Has anyone seen issues with the archoil products?

    john Bradford Reply

    Not that i have heard i just started using it. However, as soon as i get 5,000 miles of use of the oil modifier I am going to take the used oil to the lab i use, they will burn it all up and use a gas spectrum to determine what has or has not failed and the visc. of the oil at 5,000 miles of use. We will check most closely for any solids left due to heating, that is always my largest concern with oil additives. Let everyone know as soon as the procedure is completed.

Phillip L Hammond Reply

Very happy with archoil mpg up it doe’s exactly what its advertised to do.

Bruce Reply

No noticeable difference in mileage on my 2006 F-250 6.0L after 3 tankfuls with the fuel additive. Added the oil additive after the first fuel treatment. Mileage is the same as before. May be a little quieter but I’m not sure. Had one strange anomoly. About 5 miles after the first fuel treatment my “Fuel Low” warning came on for about a day and a half. The gauge indicator showed full. After that it worked fine and continues to work fine. Weird.

Steve Reply

1999 7.3 279094 miles. On my first tank full I had no increase in mpg, but had better start ups and smoother throttle response. On the second tankfull my mileage went up to 15.8 witch is a 1 mpg increase. I will definitely be buying some more. I only ran the fuel modifier because I already had stiction eliminator in the oil.

Collins Reply

I really like this product!!! It works! Try it and see the difference it’s makes in your truck.

mark Reply

This stuff is no joke!! 95 f350 with 97 powerstroke, filled tanks, added additive, within 3 blocks could already feel the difference it blew my mind. Have done three fillups now and have added 50 miles per tank on fuel milege and still increasing . Awsome product

Thomas Duvall Reply

My 2008 F350 King Ranch (115,000 miles +/-) was running great before the fuel modifier. To be honest, I haven’t noticed any changes as of about 200 miles. I will give my opinion again once I go through the two tanks of fuel. Maybe I will notice something by then.

    Thomas Duvall Reply

    Ok., I ran through two tanks of fuel using the entire bottle of the Archoil fuel modifier. I want to be honest with my results. My fuel mileage actually decreased by one mile per gallon. I then refueled and the fuel mileage is back to normal. Thank you Bill for the opportunity.

Tim Reply

I’m the owner of a 2004 F250 6.0 that has not had a hard life at all and looks as if it just came off the showroom floor. It currently has 86’000 miles on it and runs like new. My goal is to keep it that way and keep up with upgrades and innovations to keep it running like new. I have been following Bill Hewitt online for some time and fully trust him with my truck. I have followed his instruction on dealer proofing my truck and also entered the Archoil challenge. Though, I have a great change in performance of my truck its hard to say what advice Bill gave me would be credited with my trucks performance. I would only say that I will enjoy my truck for years to come because of Bill Hewitt.

Matt Reply

Thanks for the free sample of Archoil. I have ran it through one tank in my 7.3 and have noticed an 1+ increase in mpg.

Travis Reply

After only 70 or so miles using the fuel sample,I have quicker starts, and more pickup. As I am retired I don’t drive as much. Looking forward to my next fill up.

Lindsay Bodwell Reply

Hi Bill, Wanted to let you know I received the sample of Archoil fuel additive. I only use about a tank of fuel a month so my feedback will be a little slow in coming. I first became aware of you through your video’s on you tube in March of this year. I had several issues with my 2001 f250 7.3l (149k miles) starting with a leaky drain valve on the fuel/water separator. I then discovered my water pump was on its way out. Your video gave me the confidence I needed to accomplish this task. I also had to replace my turbo impeller. Again your video was a lot of help, but another video showed how you could do it without removing the valve cover, which I did. I watched your videos regarding extending engine/injector life and followed your advice. I put Stanaydyne in the tank and Prolong engine treatment into the hpop reservoir. I had no idea that the oil in there should be changed and could not believe how nasty it looked when sucked out of there. I’ve got almost 5k mile on my current oil and will be changing it next week, I’ve also got my fuel tank almost empty. My plan is to change the oil (rotella) and add the Prolong as you suggested in your video. I’ll then fill my tank and add the Archoil fuel additive. I will say I’m quite pleased with the performance of my truck since I’ve done what you suggested. It’s much quieter, smoother running and when I stick my foot in it, it responds impressively. It will be interesting to see if the Archoil makes a noticeable difference. Thanks again for the sample and your sharing of information on how to repair these engines, I’m certain you saved me upwards of $1000.00 in labor because I did all the work myself. Thank you a 1000 times over.

Keith Reply

I own a 2008 6.4 Powerstroke CC Dually with 70k on it. The truck ran great before the Archoil fuel additive. To be honest I haven’t noticed any better fuel economy than I was getting before. Thanks Bill for the sample.

Jeff Reply

Great product. Looking forward to running this product in this vehicle all the time. It really works. Every 6.0 owner needs to try this product.

Michael Reply

I have finished running the archoil in my 2002 f250 7.3 powerstroke. I noticed within a few minutes of putting it in my fuel tank my truck ran smoother and quieter. I put the archoil in before I left for a road trip and noticed an impressive fuel mileage gain (about 2.3 mpg improvement) I plan to purchase more of the fuel additive and also the oil additive. As a first time user all I can say is give it a try in your powerstroke.

Phil Reply

I have a 1997 f-350 powerstroke with 235000+miles on it. It
has been running a little rough, and would not start when cold unless it was plugged in. It had also lost power or sluggish when I needed it to go in a hurry. I put half the bottle in the first tank and could tell it ran better. Added the second half bottle in the next tank and it seems to run
little better. I will really be a believer when I try it in cold weather to see if it starts better but in the mean time I will continue to use it. Thanks

Scatter Reply

I received the free trial sample of Archoil and used it on last weeks trip from California to Utah. There was a noticeable reduction in engine noise at cruising speed and I gained a little over 1 mpg in fuel economy. This is in a 2007 6.0 in a E350 4×4 van that weighs a little over 10,000 pounds.
I’m sold and am placing an order for more and will be using the oil additive at my next oil change.

Wes Reply

I took the Archoil Challenge simply to see what benefits in MPG increase I could get. I have a 2007 F250 Powerstroke that I recently got a few months ago and have not had any issues that I could tell with stiction or cold starts. Its a daily driver back and forth to work and is used to haul a 30 ft travel trailer as well. There are no modifications of any sort on the truck; it is all stock. I have been averaging around 14.2 mpg. I got my sample of the Archoil Fuel Additive and saved it for a long trip we had planned which was about 7-8 hours all interstate. Put the Archoil into the tank the night before when I filled up, and the next morning I noticed that my Powerstroke seemed to have a little more umph right out of the gate and wasn’t even up to operating temperature. The truck did seem to run well not that it was running bad and it did seem a little quieter. On my next fill up I calculated my mpg and was pleased to see it at 16.2 where I was averaging 14.2, now this 14.2 mpg is typical everyday driving not much interstate and not for an extended period of time. I will be getting some more of this fuel additive to start using and see what it does to my Powerstroke when it is not stretching the road. I also plan to try to put in the oil additive as well to even better the benefits.

Bobby Reply

02 F250 7.3 2wd crew cab short. I’m bout 50% in my test phase with ar6200. Maybe noticed a lil more pep in her step and can tell the motor is a little quieter. Will check back when I have ran a couple of tanks through it.

brandon Reply

I want to start out by saying that I’m a very skeptical person but Ive taken bills advice from years ago and he’s never steered me wrong yet but I no longer have a powerstroke but I still like to learn about them but I have a buddy that has a 2004 6.0 and it has 264,000 miles on it and he had a miss at 1700rpm and so I told him about archoil and after 1200 miles the miss was gone and he is 100% satisfied so I started using the fuel treatment in my 2013 f150 ecoboost and the ecoboost has a carbon issue and the tailpipe stayed black all the time so after one 34 gallon fill up with the archoil I’ve wiped the tailpipe clean and it runs a whole lot cleaner and stronger I can tell a huge difference so I know this stuff works magic on powerstrokes but it also works for multiple issues just thought id share that and keep up the good work bill thanks a bunch for all the valuable info.

Tony Becton Reply

I am original owner of 04 power stroke. I don’t use much but do have a 5th wheel camper. I’ve read all the stories about problems and I have non. My mods are simple, I removed catalyst. I have used fuel additive for about 50 miles and the truck is quieter. Going on vacation to fla with camper will post again.

Jeff Reply

Unbelievable seriously my 97 f450 235k is starting and running smoother than ever …i would like to get this stuff into my axels and ujoints

Patrick Reply

The day before I added the 6200 I was forced to use Brake Clean to get her goin. The day after I put it in I did not need the Brake Clean. Trying the 9100.

jim Reply

I tried the sample bottle on a 2014 f-250 with 18000 miles. Did not notice any difference. I have been using standadyne fuel additive. I may order a larger quantity and give it try.

David Reply

I have a 2011 6.7L with 3.55 gear and only ran about 20 gallons in it so far with the AR6200. Unfortunately I have not noticed any improvement in mileage or drivability. The truck have always run great but I was hoping to get maybe 1 or 2 mpg better, but nothing. I will keep running the AR6200 until it the sample runs out to see if anything improves. Any suggestions as to why I am not seeing the improvements? I am taking the same routes and driving it gingerly – no jack rabbit starts or going over 70 mph. Only getting 16mpg at best.

Tony Reply

Been a regular Stanadyne user on my 6.0L (’05 with 110,000 miles). Tried the AR6200 on a 1,800 mile trip this last week. I saw a solid 10% increase in MPG. I can’t say that I noticed a power increase, but the mileage improvement was nice!
Will the AR6200 provide any winter protection? We get multiple stretches of -20F in the winter here. Looking forward to using the AR9100 on my next oil change.

Matt Reply

The 7.3l is more responsive, runs smoother and is a bit more quiet when cold. I’ve noticed a drop in EGT’s when cruising at 65-70 mph by about 75 degrees. Still waiting to calculate my mpg but I feel confident that it will be better than without the fuel treatment. I’m sold!

Bill Reply

I tried the fuel sample in a 2013 F350 DRW with 18,500 miles. I did not see any improvement.

John Reply

Tried the free sample of fuel additive in my 2000 Crew Cab 7.3L 4×4. The truck has about 265,000 miles on it and has averaged about 14 MPG since I’ve owned it. Followed the instructions with the sample and saw no difference in mileage. I was hopeful to get the results most are talking about but I guess it just wasn’t for my 7.3L.

Eric Reply

I cannot express how happy I am with this product. In the morning, hot or cold, my truck ran like crap. Even after it warmed up, it would jerk and buck when it went into overdrive. I had the injectors “buzz tested” and all the coils were good. I tried Hot Shot’s Secret with absolutely no change. Before we went on a trip to Monroe, LA, I changed the oil and went with Totella T6 and put 16 oz of archoil in at the same time. We left the next morning and of course the truck was runining bad. After about 25 – 30 miles, it felt like someone slipped a new engine in my truck. This thing has never run this good. I have owned this truck for 7 years and it has never performed this well. When I would go on a trip, my hwy and city mileage would average 11.5 – 12. When I pulled into the driveway from Monroe, my mileage was at 15.3. When I start it in the morning, it runs perfect. I will be using this Archoil in my oil from now on. By the way, this was Archoil AR9100. Also, to explain my mileage, I run 35×12.50×20 Tires.

Dave Reply

Archoil ar6200 made my 02 7.3 run smoother and quieter. Seems to be a good product!

Mike Onouye Reply

Bill, Just wanted to thank you for demo on the Archoil Products. I was experiencing sticktion on a 6.0 L with 98,000 on original injectors. I did just one treatment and my truck runs like a champ!! I will be a regular user of this product.,,Thank you, Mike Onouye, 4 Queens Towing Co., LLC,Honolulu, Hawaii

John M Reply

I have previously used the oil additive in my 6.0 and it worked wonders on quieting the injectors and making cold starts much easier. However when I went to a 6.4 and began modding it I never thought about using it again with the fuel system being so different. I ran for 35K without it until I stumbled onto Bill’s “Free” trial for the fuel additive which I had never used. WOW!!!! I added 1/2 of the free bottle to 35gals of fuel I had in the truck and let it sit overnight. When I started the truck I could tell the difference in responsiveness just backing out of the driveway! I made my wife stop talking for the whole drive around town so I can really focus and let me tell you, I am a believer! I am not one to buy into snake oil, I run an additive ONLY in the winter for gelling, and change fluids and filters myself, very often. But I will definitely be buying the package from Bill this week so I have the oil additive for my next change in 4,000 more miles with T6. I am going to keep running the fuel additive until then and I definitely plan to see a difference in daily driving, towing, everything. I am actually adding a Scangauge 2 this week so looking forward to seeing how things are really running, especially after running the full setup. I also plan to use the additive as a injector cleaner for my wife’s car instead of always buying a separate additive for her fuel system which is nice. Overall I won’t have hand calculated the MPG on this tank for a day or two more, and then I will run a full tank with full additive to get real numbers, but I can definitely tell a difference. A+!

Peter Reply

Powerstroke Help just rebuilt my 95′ 7.3. With barely 4700 mi on a new engine it wouldn’t be an accurate evaluation if done now. With 850,000 + mi on original motor, my mileage was 18/19 @2000rpm. It is now 16mpg. However, the reason I got 850,000+ was due to regular maintenance and a product called Slick 50. Archoil is a better product. I am about to do my 1st oil change now and will use Archoil products as the basis of my maintenance program. I will try any other product recommended by Mr. Hewitt because my truck is running better/stronger than new!!

Kevin Reply

I have a 2007 F-350 SRW 6.0. At 120,000, I changed the oil, transmission, and fuel filters and fluids. I added the Archoil fuel and oil treatments. We pulled our 8,000 lb travel trailer from north of the Indianapolis area to Oklahoma City and back. Averaged 12.0 mpg (8-9 mpg in the Chevy truck I had with a 5.3 liter), which I thought was pretty good. This was the first camping trip with this truck so I have no baseline on mpg. For normal driving, I’ve noticed that my mpg has increased. I have recently taken a couple long trips (450 + miles), with and without Archoil. My mpg has gone from an average of 15.6 to 19.2 mpg (little to no interstate driving). In town mpg has gone from 13 -14 to 16-17 mpg. My engine is noticeably quieter and smoother (my wife even noticed). I’d say Archoil works as advertised. I’M SOLD! Thanks Bill.

Joe Reply

2005 F350 4×4 6spd dually w/119,000 miles. I’m only on my first tank after adding the fuel treatment. No hard data, maybe my imagination, but it does seem to run a bit smoother, quieter, and have more zip(aka-better throttle response). I’m reserving my final opinion until I run a full tank through it and check the mileage, to see if there are any measurable improvements.
I’m also going to order the oil treatment & add it on next oil change and treat the trans, too.
I’ll report back with final results.

    Joe Reply

    I’m reporting back after a full tank and mileage check. I’m disappointed to report that my MPG did not change by even one tenth. Still getting exactly what I was getting before (15.6 mpg). I’m really wondering why all these people are seeing such improvements and I’m not? I did add it again to my second tank fill up, which I’m currently on. I’ll check it one more time. If there’s no measurable improvement, it’s pretty hard to justify spending any extra $$ for fuel that’s already too high in Calif.
    Sure wish I had better results to report.

      Joe Reply

      Reporting back after running through two tanks with fuel additive. Sadly I’m still getting the same mileage as before using the Archoil. I was really hoping for good things to happen.

      Joe S. Reply

      Well, didn’t think I’d be back here, But . . . as I reported previously, I ran two tanks with additive and saw no changes in mileage. On my third tank (w/o additive) I saw an improvement from 15.6 to 16.2 mpg. Still not a big difference, but at least an improvement. Just filled a fourth tank, checked mileage again and – Wow! I’m happy to report it jumped up to 17.1 ! I’ll take it!!
      So, I just ordered a full kit – fuel and oil additive, since I’m due an oil change.
      As an added bonus, fuel prices are currently going down here in Calif – for now anyway.

Kyle Reply

2006 Ford F-250 Fx4 125,000 miles, Bulletproofed with Biggdogg Heads. Added the Fuel treatment, Ran it for 15 minutes and now my truck runs smoother, quieter, has more throttle response and I get 3 miles to a gallon better.

Gregg Reply

Used the sample of archoil in my 2004 6.0 F-250 on camping trip pulling my travel trailer to the beach. Normally I use 3/4 of a tank to get to the destination. I only used a little more than 1/2 a tank with the archoil added. So the archoil saved me close to a quarter tank of fuel. The truck ran and idled quieter and had better throttle response with the archoil as well.

Nick Reply

I had finally tried the sample of AR6200 that you had sent me, and so far I have noticed that the truck is running a little better, and starting quicker and smoother. There may be a little better fuel economy. I will report back after I run the second dose with the next tank of fuel.

Mike Reply

First tankful with product. Seems to idle better, runs smoother at hwy speeds. Will follow-up after 2nd tank.

Harold Reply

Dosed a 3.5 ecoboost with less than 3000mi. After 1 tank, I am not seeing any real improvement, I really did not expect to in a new car. After reading the testimonials, I figured this is another maintenance option for me and DI engine.

Robert Reply

I have run the AR 9100 in my 08 6.4 for three oil changes. I did not have a stiction problem, but the truck is quieter, and at idle is very smooth. My fuel mileage is up 1.5 MPG. I added the AR 6200 Fuel Treatment and after driving about 1000 miles my fuel mileage is up an average of another mpg. I have a F-350 Dually, with 4:11 diffs. I have always gotten 13 to 14 mpg at best, with the two Archoil products I am now averaging right at 17 mpg.

Gary Reply

I was given a 97 7.3 PowerStroke with 224k miles from my dad that had been sitting for about 2 1/2 years with starting problems, etc, etc. I had sorts of engine problems. I came across your video on the Archoil product and even researched the company. I saw the Archoil youtube video with Jay Leno talk about the product and that all his cars used it. After that I tried your sample and drove it for an hour. WOW, after about 30 minutes, I noticed the difference while driving it. The next day it worked even better. I wanted more, I purchased the AR6400-D Professional PEA Concentrate For Diesel and Biofuel Blended Diesel and the Archoil Performance Kit (P-1) which included the AR6200 (8 oz) – Fuel Modification Complex and AR9100 (16 oz) – Friction Modifier and Fluid System Cleaner. After running both my tanks on Archoil, it was a different truck! My Dad came up for a visit and drove my truck to the store and thought I had gotten a rebuilt engine/transmission. I told him it was Archoil! Thanks for the video.

Phil Hill Reply

Just started using the Archoil and it started working great until 6,000 miles later, it cleaned up all the deposits in the truck and I found that I had some problems that reared their ugly heads after the carbon that was holding the injectors in was cleaned up and the engine got hurt. Might need to let folks know it there is something wrong with the truck you have you will find out. Stuff works great, I was at about 18 mile a gallon in a 2006 F250 6.0 L. Thanks

Jerry O'Connor Reply

Filled up and added my sample AR6200. Drove 317 miles of average driving with some highway, some almost delivery type stop and go and a little town driving. Result was 18 mpg. I had expected about 15 so was pleasantly surprised. I have added AR9100 to my crankcase. The shame in all this is that I just spent $2,000 replacing my injectors. I do not think I would have needed that at all if I had found Archoil products first. I had a typical stitch problem on my 2000 F250 Superduty with 7.3 L diesel with 203,000 miles. You can be sure I will not let that happen again.

gold digger Reply

it works I put it in every thing oil treatment wurks good too it save money that’s for sure

Kyle Reply

2004 6.0 Excursion – 254K miles. I am currently using the fuel additive on my first tankful and have added the oil treatment in last oil change. I have only run it about 40-50 miles but noticed smoother acceleration and quieter idle. So far so good!

chad Reply

I tried the archoil challenge, and I’m hooked. my 2000 F250 7.3 with 185k miles hadn’t been giving me any issues, but I figured for $4.95 why not give it a whirl. I tested my fuel mileage for my daily driving route of going to work and back at 17.9 mpg. driving the same route, same driving habits, same speeds, not letting the tach go over 2k rpm on acceleration, with just one tank full treated with AR6200 I went up to 19.2 mpg. at approximately 7 cents per gallon, and multiple other benefits other than better mpg, I am ordering both the AR6200 and AR9100. Thanks Bill for the cheap sample, I’m on board!

Doug G Reply

Ordered the sample of the 6200. Used for 2 tanks. Did not notice much of anything other than a slightly less sooty exhaust smell. I have been using the blue stanadyne and there is a definate notice in performance. I have also ordered the 16 oz 6200 to give that a try, i just dont believe 10ml in 40 gallons is enough to do anything. The 9100 oil additive i installed yesterday after using rev x 3 times. I change at 4,000 miles with t6 5w40. Well see how it does, the rev x was just too damn expensive.

John Reply

The Archoil did improve hard starts and no more unburnt fuel on hard acceleration. Unable to relate on fuel mileage do to very diverse driving and towing conditions. Will continue to use product and try the oik additive.

Thanks John 2006 6.0 105000 miles.

Terry Reply

My 2006 PowerStroke w/ 36K started to blow blue smoke when pulling out from stop light once warmed up. Took it to a Ford Diesel mechanic and said to switch from Rotella 15w40 to full syn 5w40 plus Archoil AR9100. Said could be injector issue. After oil change and 200 mi still issue. Took to Ford dealership that specializes in diesel trucks of all sizes. They said turbo seal leaking so pulled turbo an installed all new seals. No change. Then found EBP sensor inconsistent reading when only ign key on. Replaced it and pigtail. No change! Then pulled known to be good turbo off their service truck and put it on mine for comparison. NO blue smoke! Took test turbo off and put a new one on my truck. Still blue smoke but dealer said it was residual oil in exhaust system. Waited a week and problem no better. Put one oz of Archoil AR6200 in 4 days ago. Drive it about 100 miles on interstate with speeds up to 85+. Since then NO Blue SMOKE a all! I think it was not the turbo at all, but an injector allowing to much fuel at idle during a traffic light stop. Archoil AR6200 has cleaned the injectors so no excess fuel at idle. I will use the other half of the small bottle on the next fuel fill. If continues no smoke—–will continue to use on EVERY fill up!

Alan Pennington Reply

First shot of Archoil in tank and truck gained 1.5 mpg and no regens. Filled up without Archoil and truck after 50 miles had a regen. I am purchasing the combo for my 6.7 and my dad’s 7.3. Until the US starts manufacturing a higher grade of diesel Archoil is a must to help these newer trucks run better and to take care of these expensive engines. I believe in Archoil.

Dick Reply

Perhaps unlike most, my 6.0L has just 78,000 original miles. (2005). In anticipation of problems, I took it upon myself to correct them before they affected the engine. I won’t list the changes but it was enough to indicate my affection for this truck. I am using both the fuel mod’ complex and the friction modifier for the first time. You might wonder why. Because I’ll do anything to keep that engine purring. And now, purr it does. Quite abit quieter, starts much easier and quicker and I have more throttle reaction than before. I don’t have the ability to measure torque or horsepower but I know it is much more responsive. This engine will get a dose of both items from now on. Money well spent!!

Nick Reply

I have used the product and had noticed a difference in the operations of my truck. I have a 96 F250 with 297,000 and it was running a touch on the sluggish side, but adding the product it help out a lot. It also help with starting in the am and also has a better idle sound to it.

Michael Reply

AR9100, never heard of this until my mechanic working on my vehicles, especially my 2002 Dodge Durango, told me of a product he heard about and ordered some for his Ford F250 Diesel and I thought, worth trying as mileage on Durango with 155,000 was not that great.

First try, wondered if the AR9100 worked that fast because it increased my mileage per gallon about 2 miles extra on the readout.

Filled up last night and the readout went from my usual 285 miles per tank up to 314 miles until empty. This tells me I did get better mileage (?) and after resetting now showing me 15.5 miles per gallon instead of my usual 12.9 miles per gallon.

Ordered the 8 oz. and the sample size, I used 1/3 twice now so next tank will use it up. Better mileage means it’s burning the fuel more efficient which is better for my engine.

I plan on keeping my Durango, although old and high mileage the whole front end suspension has been replaced, tires and still looks good on road and off.

Will return at a later date to update but just out of the bottle, first time, looking good and will try on my work truck and wife’s SUV as well. Maybe even the lawn tractor…

Jeff Reply

I was having issues with the injectors sticking when the engine was cold. The truck ran fine after it warmed up, I was told that I needed to have my injectors replaced because of the stiction. I was told that it was the only way to fix it was to replace. At first I was skeptical because I was a tech at one time years ago and we used to laugh at people using “snake oil” to fix their cars. Well after reading the reviews, I got the free sample of the fuel additive and figured I might as well go all the way and order the oil additive too. So I did, I also changed my oil to rotella T6 and added the oil additive, went and filled my truck up, put a half ounce of the fuel additive and drove the truck for about 30 miles then parked it overnight. I figured I was only out about $50 if it didn’t work. The next morning the truck started fine so I was waiting to have my normal hesitation when it was cold, to my surprise it didn’t. The stiction was gone and I was amazed. The truck drove as if was already up to temp! I am now a firm believer in Archoil. It saved me a couple of thousand from having to get new injectors.

Mike Reply

I tried out the sample of archoil. I think I could see some difference from it. It seemed to smooth things out a bit. I also think it may have helped the mpg as well. I haven’t driven enough miles consistently to really be able to tell for sure but I will be buying the products at least once to give it a shot.

Dick Reply

Just got back from the first long trailer pull (8,000#’s) and loved every minute of the drive. More power, quicker acceleration, quieter. Up hills was easier and on the flats it was just smooth. Used both products and will reorder. Oh yea, 6.0l PSD. Wasn’t having a problem and want to be sure I don’t. Buy it!!

Ben C Reply

I received the fuel additive and was amazed at how it works. I have a 2008 6.4 with 188,000 miles on it. I added 15ml to the first tankful and noticed it running a little quieter. However, the fuel economy wasn’t yet evident. I added the 10ml to the second tankful and began to notice a big difference in how the engine sounded and did see an increase of 2.5mpg just around town. I bought 8oz of the 6200 and am looking forward to using it, while towing our RV trailer next weekend. It will be in hilly areas, where without the treatment, we were only getting about 10.5mpg and was regenerating the DPF quite a bit. Thanks again for the challenge. I never would have thought such a little amount of anything could have such a big effect on my truck.

Dan Reply

I got my free sample last Thursday, filled up and added 1/2 of it on Friday. Drove 750 miles on Saturday and the truck ran about the same. Filled up again during the day and added the other half of the sample. Truck still the same. Woke up in Cleveland Ohio on Sunday, truck started as normal. As soon as I tried to leave the truck had a popping noise, was underpowered and lots of black smoke. Limped to our destination in Upstate NY and the truck is now in the garage awaiting diagnosis. For now this is neither positive or negative feedback.

Charlie Reply

Well I finally was able to run my sample of archoil today. First of all let me preface this with a little about the truck. It’s a f250 with 240,XXX miles. Never give me problem except for a couple glow plugs. Now to my first impressions of this product. I have not noticed any power increase or mpg gain, but I just filled up today so we’ll see. I did however get a cel on the way home. Got the torque app out and its a P0401 EGR insufficient flow. Could this be a coincidence? Or has the product caused an EGR error. Took the EGR valve out and its clean and valve moves and seats properly. On a positive note the truck starts much much easier and quicker after the aditive was added. I’m stumped on this EGR thing though… If you have any insight please message me. Going to run this tank and report back.

William Reply

I tried out the archoil fuel additive and it does work. I put half the bottle in my truck when I filled it up and not much difference, but the trucks has no starting problems and it runs good. I put some in my Old IH 784 tractor that will not start unless you use lots of starting fluid, and now with the Archoil fuel additive it STARTS without the starting fluid. It still takes a few rotations, but what a difference. So I bought some to use in all my diesels (2000 F-350, 2005 VW TDI, Massey 230, and the IH 784) This IH 784 has had fuel problems for years, I bought it for the cost of the new IP and Injectors, the shop had 5 fuel filters on this thing and it still would not start. Typical mechanic, they did not clean out the fuel tank. So I cleaned out the tank several times and went with a CAT filter head and filter to make it run, but I knew the new injectors most likely got clogged to some degree with the dirty fuel from the dirty tank. I was about ready to remove the injectors/IP until I tried the Archoil. Most likely saved a piston or two. like I said the trucks runs great, so not a detectable difference so far, I need to run it and see if the mileage comes up. I will use the Archoil to keep the truck running strong. I have not used it on the might 2005 VW TDI ThunderBunny, but will post my results later, this thing gets 44 mpg overall so it takes some time to run 10 gallons of diesel through it.

Chris Reply

I just got the my F350 with 172000 miles on it, and before driving too much I started using the archoil6200 and 9100 so I don’t really have a good baseline to judge. But, with repair bills what they are I figure an ounce of prevention is worth it in the long run.

Richard Reply

Just got back from a 2372 round trip to WY pulling a 9600lb 5th wheel trailer. Traveled elevations from 75 feet to 7300 feet, setting the cruse control at 70MPH where legal, never slowing less than 55 MPH when pulling hills. I used 212 gallons of fuel. Doing the math that works out to 11.18MPH. Arcoil is worth the price.

2008 6.4
6 speed manual
DPF delete, KEM 75HP tune

Gerald Hoeper Reply

2015 6.7L Powerstroke, saw minimal gain in the fuel mileage using the Archoil fuel adative ( within the normal variation of city/hwy and fuel brands). The truck is new and has less than 5k miles on it. So, the jury is still out on this one.

James W. Reply

Im trying AR9100 in my VW Jetta ’14. The seat dyno doesnt lie. Seems like more boost down where I normally am waiting for boost to build. Mileage is over 53mpg on my normal drive, usually 47mpg. Ill buy more! Next up ill try in my 97 7.3.

Brent Reply

2012 f250 6.7 57,000 miles
I received the sample of ar6200 and added to the fuel. I’ve only put about 200 miles on the truck since. I haven’t seen any mpg increase but did notice that the regen didn’t take as long as it has in the past. The truck did seem to quite down some after about 20 miles. I plan on using the rest of the sample of ar6200 to see what happens. If my regens continue to take less time then it’s wort running it in every tank. I am curious as to what it would do if I ran the oil additive in conjuction with it. Plan on getting the p1 kit, don’t think it can hurt to try.

Darin Reply

05 F-250 6.0L I am on my second tank and dose of archoil. I cant say I have noticed much change in response of throttle or better gas Mileage but maybe a little bit quieter while idling. I will keep using and report back after more trials.

Matt Baker Reply

I received my sample of Archoil 6200 about 3 weeks ago. After three fill ups with the sample, my power stroke increased in mileage from 16.8 mpg to 18.63 mpg all hand calculated. I have a 2001 Ford super duty with 7.3L power stroke. I also notice less black smoke during take off.

James Reply

6.0L Ford Diesel 132000 miles… Was having stiction problems even with Amsoil Synthetic oil…. Those issues are gone after using the oil additive. Just started using the fuel additive and have better throttle response and getting 18MPG’s at 80 MPH. Very good stuff and will continue to use. Thanks Bill for helping us all. Keep up the good work

Hans Wienhold Reply

I used a 1/2 oz wen I filed up. Went on a 700 Mi. fond trip ran grate .Did not seem to do much for fuel mileage. Maybe it will get as time goes on and I keep use it 2011 f350 6.7 4×4 11500gvw 355 gears 6 speed automatic.

Tyler Reply

I have been following Bill’s processes for some time now. I had him do the head gaskets on my 6.0 in 2013 and watched what he and many other people’s opinions on Archoil. So since I sold my 6.0 not too long ago I bought an 09 F150 with the 5.4 3v in it. These motors are notorious for having a ticking sound at ~ 800-1200 RPM which is caused by the cam phasers. This noise annoyed the heck out of me so this last time that I needed the oil in my truck changed I did it myself and bought the archoil friction modifier and fuel treatment to see what it would do. I have about 200 miles on this oil change and treatment and the tick has completely gone away. My engine is so much quieter and runs much better than it ever has before. Now the fuel economy hasn’t changed much since I’ve ran the additive but I will see how it goes throughout the life of the bottle. I run conventional, non ethanol gas as well, I am curious to see how the next tank of fuel goes especially when I do more interstate driving.

HANS Reply

Using both arch oil product In my 2011 6.7 40000 miles haven’t noticed any change in MPG. Runs real GOOD.

Mike Reply

2007 F250 6.0l 68,000 miles, Delo400 15W40. About six months ago, it went from starting right up to taking 3.5 to 4 seconds. After driving it a distance, it’ll start right up. I added 1/2 of the free sample I received from you of Archoil 6200. After driving approximatel 275 miles with the additive, I still have the same starting issue although it seems as though I have more power, in addition, my fuel mileage dropped 1.5 mpg . I’m anxious to see the results of the next tank of fuel with the remainder of the additive. I also changed my oil and added Achoil 9100 about 100 miles ago, anxious to see the results.

chad Reply

I wanted to leave another testimony for archoil. this weekend we took a 460 mile round trip to an ORV park. My 2000 F250, 7.3 with Banks mods normally gets 8mpg towing our 26’+4′ dove tail goose neck loaded with 2 CJ’s, a Polaris Ranger, 2 four wheelers, + tools, fuel, camping stuff, etc. (around 17k pounds) after running archoil in my tank for the last 6 fill ups, I got 10.18 mpg on this trip. This was not a flat tow, as we were in the hills of north Alabama. Archoil works.

Houston Reply

I have a 2012 ford f250 and i took the archoil challenge both fuel and oil additive. The results i found were less regens went from a regen every 250 miles to every 300 miles. Fuel mileage may have increased a tad and the oil temperatures run about 15 degrees cooler.

MEL Reply

I have ’04 F-350 dually crew cab 4WD 48,500 miles original owner (low mileage because I also own 97 F-350 dually crew cab 115,500 original owner and miles and purchased both truck new.) The only performance report I can give you is one full tank of 40 gal outcome. Used the fuel additive, droved 568 miles and increased from MPG from 14.8 to 15.7. Engine was a little smoother, little peppier and little quieter. I was not having any problem with my truck before I took the challenge but it improve the above. I am thinking I will have a little gas mileage on my second tank which I can report then when I finish. This is a good truck but obviously the product improved the performance even more. Will see what happen to the second tank. Thanks Bill

curt Reply

I put the Archoil in to my tank last week and filled the tank but didn’t drive it but five miles. I don’t drive this truck to often because I use it mostly to pull my 27 ft camper. after five days I went out to start my truck, and when it started, it smoothed out right away. usually it runs rough for about five minutes before smoothing out. I drove it on a 250 mile round trip and it got close to twenty miles per gallon, course it is a two wheel drive and I didn’t pull my camper. The more I drove it the better it ran. I think I will go with the whole Archoil challenge as soon as my oil needs changed. I’m still on the first tank and still have half a tank left. Looking for more advances before I run out my little bottle.

jeremy Reply

tried the sample 6200 in my 02 4×4 f250 7.3 with 295,000 miles and noticed a decrease in engine noise and smoother acceleration right off the bat. I also put some in a massey ferguson 235 that was having some sort of fuel issue and it runs like a new one now. just got the kit of the oil and fuel additive to use on my next oil change. needless to say, my work car, wifes car, 4 wheeler, and tundra are all drinking 6200, im satisfied.

Rich Reply

I have a 2011 f450 6.7
118,000. Used sample of fuel additive. Seems to feel it ran better but only noticed .1 mph more. Not enough test to confirm anything.
I’m going to order a kit to get a better test results Will update results later. I’m a ex ford mechanic & drove diesels 1989 A lot of trucks & a lot of miles

Jon edwards Reply

Very pleased with this product going to order more I will be recommendING it to everyone

Brad Reply

Vehicle #1: 2001 F250 with 7.3, 101,000 mile. Always been skeptical of miracle products but Bill has such a passion for powerstrokes and from what I can tell from his videos is a man of integrity. Got a free 1 oz. sample of the AR6200 fuel modification complex from Bill and about halfway through the first tank noticed that the motor had a quicker response and overall ran better. Not checked the milage yet. Any milage increase is a bonus, I bought it for the 7.3, enough said.

Vehicle #2: 2002 Limited Excursion with 7.3, 123,000 miles. This vehicle has always ran flawlessly and after purchasing the F250 sold it to my brother in Fla. after owning it for 11 years. Put the reccommended amount of AR6200 in the 44 gal. tank and sent him on his way to Fla. Said he averaged 17.5-18 MPG running between 80 and 90 MPH on the interstate. This is the same MPG I average while running 70-75 MPH on the exact same route. To say the least he was excited about a 9400 lb. vehicle averaging that MPG at that speed.

Bill and Archoil have made both of us believers. Keep up the great videos Bill.

dave Reply

this stuff works great my truck runs better and smoother and my mileage is better i will be getting more of this stuff and some for my next oil change as well thanks for all the u-tube information it helps alot Iam 1st time owner of a 2005 6.0 f250 and i love this truck it only has 70,000 miles on it and it is one bad truck thanks

dave Reply

this stuff is great my 2005 6.0 f250 seems to have more power and iam getting more mileage will be getting more of this stuff and some for the oil to and bill keep up on the youtube infom it helps alot this is my 1st 6.0 and i love this truck thanks dave

Kalen Bankey Reply

I have a 08 F350 cclb 6.4 H&S easy tuned DPF delete that I am running AR9100 with T6 Shell Rotella and AR6200 fuel additive. It has been 2000 miles and nothing has changed except a slight power difference still getting 12mpg, which is ok with a 10,000lb truck. I will still keep using Archoil products reguardless, Thanks for all the great info Bill

Ronnie McKee Reply

Just added Archoil fuel additive to my ’02 F350 7.3 with 6 speed manual trans. with 128,000+ miles. Truck ran great before, but it seems to have a little more response to the throttle now. I live in hilly terrain, and pull trailers, so fuel mileage is hard to calculate. This is the first tank of fuel, so I’ll keep you posted.

Bruce J Reply

I’ve been using Lucas Oil gas additives in my vehicles for years. But after hearing Bill talk about Archoil so much I thought I’d do the Challenge and compare the performance to the Lucas OIl gas additive. I drive a well maintained stock 01′ Ford F350 7.3 w/ 207792 miles. With the Lucas oil gas additive I’ve been averaging 12.1 mpg city and 14.3 mpg highway. With the Archoil Fuel additive I got 14.74 mpg in the city and 16.8 mpg highway. Ok no real big jump in mpg for an old 7.3, but it is an improvement. Plus, the 7.3 does starts quicker and runs quieter which says alot about the additive. Next oil change I’m going to include the oil additive as well. On a side note, If you haven’t watched any of Bill’s maintenance videos pertaining to your specific engine, you should! I’ve learned a lot from watching them. I’m sold on Archoil.

Joe Reply

I’ve been running the archoil 6200 fuel modification complex in my 01 Excursion 7.3L with 357,000mi for one week. My experience with archoil 6200 this past week has been city driving in Washington DC. It’s seen 200mi of stop and go, and idled alot. I filled up before adding the 6200 and got 10.2mpg (hand calculated). Today I topped off and got 10.7mpg (hand calculated). I’m really interested in seeing what kind of increase I get during highway driving. I see no difference in startups in the morning when the truck is cold, but I didn’t have any issues to begin with. At idle both inside and out I can’t hear a difference in noise level. But while cruising the motor is definitely quieter. It’s not a huge difference but it’s noticeable. By far the best part has been the power gain tho. Around the 70mi mark I started noticing I had more low end power. I mainly notice it when the light turns green. Then around the 150mi mark I started noticing faster spool ups of the turbo. So that’s really cool. I’m guessing that’s because my truck primarily sees city milage and there was probably a lot of soot in the turbo. Since archoil 6200 helps increase combustion I’m assuming I’m burning off all that extra soot from the turbo resulting in faster spool ups. I will be ordering more and I’m looking forward to seeing what the archoil 9100 does.

Justin Reply

I did not see any improvement other than .1 mpg increase. I will say that my truck was running perfectly fine before but I wanted to see if I could get it back to rolling off the line shape. It’s not a bad product and would probably get the 16 oz bottle once the Northwest winter gets here

Damon Buescher Reply

Hello, I tried the fuel supplement in a 2014 Chevy Cruze 2.0 diesel just to see the fuel mileage improvements and have to say that I’m impressed so far. I calculated 58.8 miles per gallon this morning on my 100 mile commute to work. Before it varied some but was normally between 47-52. This was my first attempt to see the difference and I’m happy with the results so far. I will be ordering a bottle in a few weeks along with the oil treatment. I will report back after that to see if I can break the 60+ mpg on my commute. This is about 90% freeway driving at 65-67 mph if someone else attempts this. If any doubts about it you can drive the car yourself. Thank you to Very happy customer.

Erik Reply

when using the archoil fuel modifier i noticed a increase in HP and all around performance. I have a 04 F250 Powerstroke.

Richard Reply

Hi Bill,
I took you up on your free offer to try the AR6200 fuel additive for free and I have to say I’m very glad I did. I have an ’06 F-250 with the 6.0 PSD. This is my first diesel powered vehicle, so this may be a common trait, but it seemed to turnover a long time in the mornings before it would finally start. And when it did start, it sounded like the insides were making their way to the outside. At one point I started to return the truck to the dealership. But now, I’m happy to say the truck runs like new. It starts much better, its much quieter and it runs as smooth as glass. I’ll be ordering more of this product soon and using it regularly. Thank you for the free sample and thank you for the expert advice and encouragement you give us in your videos on

David Reply

I have an 03 6.0 F-350 and I was apart of the Archoil AR6200 fuel additive challenge. This stuff actually worked extraordinary and exceeded my expectations. It helped the truck run smoother and helped with fuel economy. Will be ordering a big jug of the AR6200 along with the AR9100.

ken Reply

I’ve tried the fuel additive in my 2004 f350 with a 6.0 L motor. It has 106,000 miles on it. I’ve run a half take of fuel with the additive in it and so far do not see any difference in performance.

Rick Carter Reply

I just received my bottles of AR9100, they got to me in the scheduled time. I will change the oil later and then we’ll see if this stuff lives up to all the hype. I thought I was going to get a sample of the AR6200, but I did not. It was probably a misunderstanding more than likely on my part. I guess i’ll try that at a later time.

Jerry C Reply

Outstanding product. My 06 6.0 was gone through at your shop about 2 years ago. I thought It ran good then, which it did. But with the first fuel tank w/Archoil, throttle reponse was a noted improvement and overall power was much better. I added some to a 97 Nissan truck w/222000 miles and my wife even noticed the difference in the running and power. I will be using both Archoil products in my diesel from now on and the fuel additive in others.

Rick M. Reply

I have an ’05 6.0L F350 with 112750 miles. I began using archoil (AR6200 & AR9100) a couple of weeks ago, at the same time I had just replaced my FICM. I have used it in a few fill ups already. Fuel mileage is getting better. On average to this point it has increased at least 3.7-5.2 miles per gallon. I expect it will continue to increase incrementally till it plateaus. We shall see where that ends up. Start ups are much smoother, even more so on cold mornings. The strain on my batteries and starter are far less than it was before. Running conditions are getting smoother as it seems the oil supplement works its way through the system. It drives and runs smoother than it ever has. Before archoil I was considering trading it in for a new Silverado, but now I think I’ll keep the Ole Man around. At least until it shows signs of wearing out. With archoil helping maintain the systems, who knows when that’ll be.
Very Respectfully,
Rick M.

Art G Reply

Ok, I own a 97 7.3L OBS, the vehicle has 280k miles. I have been having some hard starts, and she runs a bit rough at idle. I’m thinking ok, it’s time for some major work to be done. I watch Powerstroke help videos from Billy like it’s a religion and I see the add to try archive for free. He believes in this stuff, and I have nothing to lose but 4 dollars for shipping. I put it in the tanks at my next fill up, I don’t notice much. I get through 1st tank the starting was easier. By the 2nd tank idle is smoother, the truck has more pep acceleration was responsive, and I noticed a increase in fuel mileage. I usually get about 400 miles to a fill up. As of this writing I have gained an additional 50 miles. And that’s for an OBS. Thanks Billy, I will continue to buy this product. I will definetly tell my buddies.

Daniel Reply

I tried the sample archoil fuel treatment in my 2004 f350 SRW 6.0L. I pulled a camper for a fair portion of the miles ran on the two tankfuls. I didn’t notice any increase in fuel mileage. It did seem to run smoother. I haven’t cast my final verdict on the product yet. I wish to try the oil product and try the fuel product in some other vehicles.

Mark Walters Reply

Own a 2004 F-250 with the 6.0. Have had ALL the problems associated with this engine. All were taken care of by replacing with either OEM or aftermarket parts based on the recommendation of the very knowledgeable diesel repair place I use. Truck runs very well now at 189K. I have used the oil additive for the past 5 years or so now, not because of stiction, I live in central Florida, but just because of the technology behind it. I have also used Stanadyne and Motorcraft and Opti-lube as my fuel additive for several years now so I don’t know if I will notice a BIG difference in how my truck runs. I do think I get better milage from using both products. I will continue to use the Archoil products as they are not restricted to just my 6.0, I also have a 2001 F-150 with 224K on it and it runs well and just want to get the max out of it. I relied on Bill’s videos and comments and take his endorsement seriously. I truly believe that the Archoil products do what they say they do and not just “snakeoil”. As a note, the extra mileage is nice, but my main goal is reliability and durability over the long haul. I know that along with following a strict maintenance schedule and use of the Archoil products, I have a powerstroke that last me a LONG time.

Guy Reply

My ’03 6.0 F350 4wd dually ran better & smoked less after just the fuel additive, so I ordered the oil additive too. I’ve gone from less than 15 mpg to 16.7 unloaded around here and from 10 to 11.6 mpg with a 4000# truck camper running 75mph in the hill country. I’ll keep buying it.

Brent Reply

I used the fuel additive in my 2003 6.0L. I noticed better cold starts and it seemed to run more smoothy. I did not have an increase in fuel mileage, it stayed steady at 16 to 16.2 mpg. I ordered the complete oil and fuel additive package to give that a shot. Winter is coming and it’s always been a hard starter, so I’m excited to give it a shot.

Eric G. Reply

Bought a 2010 F350 6.4L with 64,000 miles 5 months ago. I keep meticulous records for this truck, previous MPG (averaged monthly, approximately 1000 city miles) was 14.0mpg. First tank of AR62000 (15ml per 38 gallons) average was up 1.6 mpg (15.6 mpg) with 80% city driving (under 50mph). Seat of the pants feel is smoother and quieter, and the regen cycles seem less often.

william Reply

took challenge. worked. buying whole kit.

Daryl de Rose Reply

Have a 1999.5 7.3 with 138000 mi.Added the sample and drove it 120 mi. All though I have no issues with the motor I started to feel a difference after 50 miles. It seems quieter, smoother and started a little faster. I am impressed all ready. Have not checked the mileage. Think I am going to order the whole package to see what happends. I pull a 32 foot 5th wheel, am at 18,700 lbs.

Chris Marek Reply

Mr. Bill Hewitt, I have a 2002 F-250 XL CCLB 2WD 7.3 PS diesel that currently has 254k miles on it and it’s been my trusty workhorse ever since I bought it last year. I have replaced the stock Garrett GTP38 turbo with a Powermax GTP38R ball bearing turbo, changed to International bellowed up-pipes, deleted the EBV by changing to a non-EBV pedestal, open exhaust outlet adapter on the turbine side of the turbo, changed out the stock exhaust with a turbo-back 4 inch system, and added a K&N cold air intake. I also installed a TS Performance 6 position chip in the PCM to get the so-called 140+ HP out of it. I change my oil using a Motorcraft FL1995 filter and I use either T6 Rotella or Royal Purple 15w-40 (whichever is cheaper at the time lol). So in other words, I’ve taken a lot of steps to improve the performance and maintain the health of my 7.3. I think the most important thing I’ve been doing however is using the Archoil fuel and oil additive and I have noticed three things. First, beforehand, my engine always had a very slight shake to it. After using Archoil for the first time, the shake virtually disappeared after just a short drive. Second, with all the upgrades I mentioned, my tailpipe would puke black smoke when I have my TS chip cranked all the way up, however when I added the Archoil fuel additive, that smoke was reduced greatly. It’s still there a little bit, but I’m not complaining. Third, and most importantly, I’ve seen a significant improvement in my fuel mileage. When I first bought the truck in Arizona and drove it all the way to Indiana where I live, I averaged 18.7 mpg on the highway. Then after all the upgrades I did and taking it on a long road trip, that increased to 20.3 mpg highway, and with the addition of the fuel additive, that increased to 22.6 mpg. All these numbers were at an average of 65-70 mph. So needless to say I’m sold on the Archoil products. I’ll continue to purchase these super products for as long as I own my truck! Thanks for introducing me to it!

SteveZ Reply

On my second bottle of the Archoil fuel additive for my stock 05 Excursion (115K). Long term results are 1.5mpg improvement. Averaging 17.7mpg consistantly, starts faster, runs smoother and better than ever! Only question…with cold weather coming in upstate NY, what do you recommend as far as anti-gel in addition to the Archoil?

Rick Reply

I have 2004 f350 4×4. I got a good deal on the truck with a failed engine (cam follower failed) I bought a used 220K mile 2005 engine and did a complete refresh including all Ford upgrades. The engine just received it’s first oil change and runs stock strong. I have always used Stanadye plus in my fuel and my last tank full I added Royale Purple cetane boost as well. Then the sample of AR6200 arrived and with still a half tank, I topped it off and added the prescribed amount of AR6200. Within 10 miles on my way back home, I noticed my EGT were running a 75-100 degrees lower than norm. The following day the temp was 25 degrees, the truck fired right up with no block heater having been plugged in. I also noticed an amazing throttle response I didn’t have before.

Today I will put some miles on the truck and then I’ll have a complete opinion of the additive, but for now, what an impressive change on a new motor that already had performance additives.

Austin Reply

Hello Bill i own a 2015 F250 6.7 PSD after adding both Archoil in both the engine and fuel, i noticed it does not Regen as often,and doing the past OCR(owner commanded Regeneration) the DPF filter went down to 10 percent, its never done this parked or moving doing a Regen.I took pic of this but no way to post Thank u Bill for a Great Product and Great tips.

Jim Reply

I tried the fuel additive sample bottle. No change what so ever in mileage or performance But to give it a fair chance i also ordered the 16 oz fuel and oil. I will try it and see

Curtis C Reply

I’m currently taking the archoil challenge.I have a early 99 7.3 6 speed,running 315/75 16 tires. Truck has just over 115,000 miles. Before adding the fuel additive, I avg around 15mpg at best, engine was a little loud while driving and on start up. It would blow white smoke for about 30 sec even when warm out. After I added the .5 oz to first tank, I’ve ran only about 50 miles so far, went out this morning 11-30-15,temp was right around 30 Here in central Ohio, didn’t have truck plugged in over night but was in barn so temp was probably 40 or so. It started up alot easier and faster, there was still a little white smoke but not as much as there usually is. Truck does run smoother and quieter. I noticed a little more power going up some small hills, didn’t have to down shift. I will leave more feedback after i run the rest of the bottle through the truck. As well as mpg avg. Thanks

    Curtis C Reply

    Update12-30-15. Well since my last comment, i have drove the truck Around 500 miles. Still have3/4 tank of fuel(2nd tank) with the rest of additive added. My mpg seems to be worse than what i was getting. And now im having problems with the truck. It starts fine when truck is cold and not plugged in. after warmed up and driving around, if i stop some where (store) and go back out to start truck it takes about 15 sec of cranking for it to finally fire up. Not sure if its from additive or if something is giving out. Truck only has 115k miles.I have new cps(from ford) in it, checked icp seems to be ok. No check engine light. Dont really want to throw money at it. But other than that Does seem to run quieter, dont really notice a power increase. had a ts flip chip but took it out. always had it on the 25hp increase so cant tell a difference yet. I’ll update more after the rest of tank is gone and i’ve figured out my problem. Thanks

timothy Reply

great product made a world of difference on my 01 7.3 easy start up and smoother.

Dan Reply

10′ 6.4 tried the fuel adaptive and it started better and I noticed it doesn’t smoke nearly as much. Mileage didn’t change much but I think that is due to other reasons. Going to order the oil and fuel additives tonight.

Daniel Reply

2004 f250 6.0 powerstroke 71k miles I did the archoil challenge (ar6200) I did not have any stiction issues but I wanted to give it a try and it seems to run smoother and I picked up 2mpg in town and I’ll take what I can get considering I’m getting 11.3 mpg city on 37/14/r20’s

Jon Reply

Hello I have a early 99 f250 7.3. It’s bone stock with no tune with 301000. I took the challenge and ran the fuel additive through two tanks. I did notice a quicker throttle response and a a little more power. Didn’t really notice a big fuel mileage increase but over all it’s some pretty good stuff I like and will most likely order more!

Travis Neerts Reply

I decided to give the fuel addictive a try. I noticed after about half of the first tank of fuel that the truck idols smoother andi ended up being about half a mile per gallon better mileage. After the second rank I gained another mile per gallon. In two tanks my mileage increased 1.5 miles per gallon. I’m impressed and am gonna order the oil and fuel additive combo and see if I can get any more mpg. Even if I don’t along as I still get a 1.5 mpg increase I’ll be happy! Thanks Bill for turning me into this great product!!!

Joe Reply

Did not see any improvement ,will try one more time with the fuel additive,using the oil treatment and have not run it enough to see a difference as yet

Don Reply

2006 6.0 F350 Crew cab DRW 4×4 168k

I have new injectors and it runs very good. I tried the challenge and I do believe it is getting better mileage. I have used Hot Shot Secret oil treatment but I am not sure that is doing anything. I am planning to change over to the Archoil for the oil treatment also. This might be (or is) a win-win for all. I recommend for you to take the challenge.

Mr. Mikavi Reply

1994 F350 4×4 I ran the two tanks of fuel using 1/2 bottle of the Archoil fuel modifier. I haven’t noticed any changes I want to be honest with my results. My fuel mileage actually decreased, I then refueled and the fuel mileage is normal now, I going to use the other 1/2 bottle in my Toyota Thank you Bill

James Reply

I have been running the AR9100 for about 15,000 miles now and am a firm believer in the magic it works on the 6.0 PSD. I tried the AR6100 fuel treatment and did notice a power increase but no mileage increase. I ran the sample bottle in 2 tankfuls as instructed and the power increase was with the first tankful but the second one i didn’t notice anything and definitely didn’t get any better fuel milage. i figured with the first tank i was just abusing the power increase so it was my fault on that one but the second tank still no change and didn’t really feel that power anymore either.

DJ Reply

I’m not sure if I am the only one to report no improvements, but I haven’t seen any improvement in either fuel mileage or stiction. I have a slight stiction problem when the truck is cold and it puffs blue diesel smoke. This hasn’t gone away after adding the oil additive. Also, I average about 15mpg normally, and when I added the fuel additive, I measured 14.8mpg. No change in that either. So far it just seems like a waste of money

Jeff Reply

Well I took the challenge. I am impressed. I have been using the Diesel Kleen products and have not noticed a difference. I used the AR6200 and my 06 F250 runs better. Smoother idle, better throttle response and fuel mileage slightly improved. I will be adding the AR9100 at my next oil change and hope to see further improvement.

Walter Reply

I have a 2001 F250 that I use to deliver travel trailers to dealers around the country. It is also my every day vehicle. I have not noticed an increase in fuel mileage, but I have noticed that the acceleration is smoother, quicker, stronger, when pulling the trailers, and is snappier when just driving around town.

Cody Reply

I have not noticed much of a difference in performance either way so far. My mpgs actually seemed to drop off a bit, but it could be the lower temps we have been having along with the switch to winter mix.

Charles Reply

Hi Bill I own a 2006 F-350 6.0 and it only has 36000 miles on it. We haven’t had any issues with it so far. We don’t even drive it in winter except for this year there’s no snow . I received my sample of Archoil 6200 yesterday and put half the sample in and drove 61 miles so far. Haven’t really used the truck enough to give an honest opinion yet hope to soon. My truck look’s like new and runs every good hope to keep it that way.

Michael Reply

I recently participated in the Archoil AR6200 challenge with 2005 Ford F-350 6.0 with 205K. Within 50 miles of having Archoil in my tank I noticed easier cold starts, and no more rough idle when cold. I also noticed a 3mpg increase I went from 15.7 to 18.7 hand calculated after two tanks of fuel. This product is amazing and would recommend it every diesel owner especially Powerstroke owners!!

Ryan Reply

Hello all. I work for a diesel shop that works on everything from huge Cat engines to road going power stroke engines. Our shop owns a service truck 05′ F-450 6.0 that has 261K hard miles on it. We have been fighting cold start stiction issues for at least 1 1/2 years. The truck was downright dangerous to pull out into traffic when cold. We decided to try the AR9100, all I can say is wow. Its like we put a new motor in this thing. My only gripe with the stuff is it wears off in about 3-4K miles. I am ordering a 2nd bottle because its cheaper and less labor intensive to add this than replace the injectors. Thanks Bill for recommending this product.

Charles L Reply

Put AR6200 in my 2006 F350 that only has 36000 miles on it drove 62 miles so far on difference yet.we don’t drive our truck much in the winter we keep it out of the salt.maybe I will notice a difference the next time I drive it

Mike Reply

2005 F-250 Supercab 6.0. 122K. Bulletproofed at 97K. Took the challenge over the last weekend 12/18-21/2015. I was not experiencing any Stiction issues, i thought. Performed an oil change and added Archoil 9100 to the oil. Started the truck and let it run about 15min. and about an hour later i took it on about 30min drive then parked it over night. I’m in Northern California so our winters are fairly mild. The next morning it was about 45 degrees and i started it up, I immediately noticed it fired quicker and was noticeably quieter. At my next fueling i added the AR6200 and we took the truck to Reno, Nv. After about 100mi we did some city driving and i did notice quicker throttle response, It wasn’t as though the truck magically transformed into muscle machine, it just ran like it did when i got it at about 50K. and overtime i really hadn’t noticed it was lacking. My guess is there was some stiction occurring. I had been using “HotShot Secret Everyday treatment” and their oil additive every other oil change for the last 50K or so. The next day in Reno the temps got to the mid 20’s and it fired up right away, we come here quite often so it was definitely a quicker start. As for mileage this round trip of about 550 miles usually nets about 14.0-14.6 MPG mountains, snow, slow traffic and using 4×4 for about 100mi of this trip i got 16.6 MPG this trip. I think this is a fantastic increase. We live in the country so i normally get an average 15-16 MPG. under normal conditions so it got even better than that. I haven’t been able to check under normal conditions as yet but i will report that later. I am sold on this product and have already ordered more. I am sorry i didn’t buy these products from your site because i didn’t see that you give the proceeds to your “Train A Vet Program” but i certainly will in the future. Thank you for looking out for all of us that own and love our Ford Powerstroke 6.0’s

Carlos Mendiola Reply

Ok i have a 2012 F350 4×4 srw 6.7 with 196,200 miles and still running around stock here in california no turbo or dpf problems yet ive seen bill on youtube talking about the archoil products so i orderd the fuel additive put it in fuel tank fist full tank seen mpg drop from 16.8 to 16.1 But ive notice the exhaust filter cleaning dont come on as much as it did before now im on my 2nd tank of fuel with this additive i will keep useing this product and see how it goes…thanks Bill

Brian Reply

I just tried the first half of the sample bottle of AR 6200 in my 2011 F 350. I drove 300 miles round trip from home to San Diego and back through varied terrain with many hills and an elevation change of 2500 feet. My mileage improved over 2 miles per gallon on this trip which I have made many times in the past. I am promoting the fuel additive to my friends and ordering the friction modifier as soon as I can. My wife even noticed a difference in the sound and smoothness of the engine as we drove. Thanks Bill for the opportunity to try this product. I am looking forward to trying their other products and helping my friends to take advantage of the benefits they bring.

Bill Reply

Haven’t really seen any changes from the AR6200 but I don’t put a lot of miles on it ,but when traveling. I have a trip up to Utah in three weeks it will tell then. I have gone ahead and purchased the P-1 kit though. I have a 2011 F-450 with the 6.7 @ 90K miles. Thank you for a product I believe I can trust in.

Larry Reply

I took the Archiol test and really saw no differences as my truck, a 2006 SD 6.0 4×4, already ran well. However, I ordered bottle to give the product a continued test. Within a day, the “water in fuel” light came on, a problem I had never had before. So I read the manual and drained the filter housing as instructed. I got a few drops of water in the bowl, but more alarming was the amount jelling that also drained out. Over the next week, I continued to drain and evaluate the fuel and finally it came out clean. I attributed this to the fact that so little of the Archoil solution is used that it does not fight gelling and moisture. I changed both fuel filters and drove it until tank was nearly empty. Once I was almost empty, I filled my tank at the same place I usually do, the newest station in town, and after a day or so, I drained the filter housing again and had more moisture and gel in the fuel. So, maybe it is the pumps I’m using that is the problem. I went to Ford and talked to mechanic and was told Ford had an additive that helped with that problem and I bought and added the prescribed amount to my fuel. I’m hoping this will finally cure my problem. Now for the good news, my truck always started but had to crank a little more and was noisy the first couple of minutes. We had a pretty cold spell and I had to use my truck before I had had time to plug it in for a while to warm up. I didn’t figure it would start but to my surprise, it started as quickly as when it does in warm weather and there was virtually no clattering. For this, I am truly amazed and will probably continue to use the product. I just ordered a bottle of the oil additive and will change my oil within the next week, using Amsoil 15/40. I will be able to see how the Archoil compares to the Revex that I have been using for several years now.

Gary Haack Reply

I have used the arch oil 9100, 6200 and there grease.

I was having hard starting in my 2001 excursion. I started with the 9100 and noticed a huge improvement in every aspect of the truck. It started much easier, got allot quieter, lots more power and less smoke. I then added the 6200 and got even more power and less smoke. Before these products I was plugging in at anything around 50 degrees. Now it starts at 24 without no problem. Also I thought I was having a transmission issue but guess motor was running so ruff it affected transmission.
After this success I decided to try there grease, I have a worn out slip yoke on drive shaft and decided to try this. Well, vibrations went almost away. It didn’t fix the issue but sure gave me more time.
This is the first snake oil that I have ever used that works!!! Very happy thanks Bill!

Chris Reply

I have a 2004 F250 with 203,000 miles on the clock. I got a tank of bad fuel (3 drains on the water separator in one tank) and thought I had ruined my injectors. Three sets of fuel filters, an unhealthy dose of Sea Foam, and way too much Howe’s failed to do anything to the way my my truck was running. I had to warm up to full temp to drive it at all, and even then it was missing constantly. I knew I was likely headed for a full set of injectors.

I’ve watched Bill Hewitt’s videos since before I owned a Powerstroke. I bought mine using his advice on what to look for and what to avoid. I believe what Bill says 100%. I didn’t think it possible that anything other than new injectors could fix my truck though. I bought the Archoil 9100 and 6200 and used them both on a fresh oil/filter and fuel filter (4th set) change.

Four miles is what it took to notice a difference in the way my truck was running. It was smoother by more than just a little bit. In ten miles it was running at least as good as it was before I got water in it. After 200 miles on the truck since putting the fuel and oil treatment in, the truck is running better than it has since I’ve owned it. I am in complete disbelief. My only regret is that I didn’t video the way my truck ran before and after as a testimony to this product. I am a lifetime user of Archoil from here on out.

Tony Reply

2000 F-550 Dump truck 7.3 Powerstroke 135000 mile – January 2014 I took truck to the dealer for some front end work. I ask them to check the glow plugs while they had it there. It was getting had to start below 30 degrees. Everything checked out ok with the relay and glow plugs. When I picked up the truck the diesel technician pulled me aside and told me I may have a Stiction problem with the injectors and rather than replace them, to try an oil additive – I forget the brand, but it wasn’t Archoil. I’ve never believed in putting anything in the oil or fuel, so I didn’t do it. I just kept plugging it in when we need it. It’s a spare truck that we don’t use that often. The winter of 2014/15 was brutally cold. Even with the truck plugged in, it was hard starting – and when it started it sounded scary and bad. It was progressively getting worse. I searched the internet for cold no start/hard start and came across Archoil videos. I decided to try it after watching the videos on My Archoil AR9100 and AR6200 arrived. The next day it was 23 degrees – it took me 3 hours of messing around to get the truck started. I took it for a ride, came back and changed the oil (Rotella T6 – which I run in all my trucks and equipment) and added the AR9100 to the oil and AR6200 to the fuel – topped of the fuel and went for a ride. I put 52 mile on the truck and parked it. The next morning was 19 degrees and the truck was not plugged in – glowed it twice and it started like it was 50 degrees out. I WAS AMAZED. Took it for a ride again to warm it up, then parked it. The next morning at 15 degrees – glowed it once and it fired right up. I AM A BELIEVER – THIS STUFF WORKS. If your having a cold starting issue with a 7.3 or 6.0 – TRY THIS STUFF – IT WORKS. I have since added it to every truck and piece of equipment I own.

Larry Reply

This is my second post. This morning it was 27 degrees in Southern Okla. and my 2006 SDTD started right up with no clatter. I’m still amazed at the improvement since I started using the AR9100. Anyway, changed oil today and added the Archoil AR6200 oil additive to see if it improves performance over the Rev x. It is a lot cheaper then the Rev x so hope I get the same results. Haven’t seen any noticeable increase in mpg though but that’s ok. As long as my truck runs like it’s happy, I’m happy.

paul Reply

7.3 w/ 274,000 miles. seemed to make a smoother idle and quieter. no change in mileage. have ordered 16oz to share w/friend. will see then.

Monroe Reply

2004 f250 11000
The Jury is still out because my batterys went but it does seem to be different.
I will try the powerstroke package just to see what happens as I do have stiction problems.

Steve H Reply

I have a 2011 6.7 built June of 2011. I bought it with 21000 miles on it. I used the sample in two full tanks of fuel. I did not notice a difference at all mileage wise performance wise or DPF cycle changes. I have been in the automotive industry for 26 years and seen a lot of things. This being said I would have to say I am not seeing any difference because everything was properly designed in the first place and/or nothing is actually worn in or worn out yet on my truck. I would like to believe that even though I don’t see feel hear a difference, that the very expensive high pressure pump and electronic injector are being better protected, thus insuring a long trouble free service life. I intend on purchasing the oil and fuel treatment kit in the next week. I am curious about the oil treatment. And would like to give the fuel treatment a more lengthy test. Thank you for the opportunity to use the sample. I know it isn’t actually free. Nothing is free.

S. Knight Reply

’99 power stroke 304,000 miles. Very big difference notice in noise, much smoother running just with the free trial.
I have just received my order of both oil and fuel additive.
I do plan on this stroke of mine out living ‘ole Spot.
Update to come after putting miles on it with both additives added.

Eric Kennedy Reply

Very pleased with this product. quieter at idle. no notice in fuel mileage. less soot. will probably order more. recommend definitely

JR Reply

IT does what it says it does.Very pleased with it.Well worth keep using it.Thank you for the sample.

MFoote Reply

Last winter during the single digit cold period my 137,00 mile 05 6L took over a half hour of warm up to finally begin hitting on all 8 cylinders. I thought the curse of the 6L had caught up to the ole girl. The following August (2015) I installed a bypass oil filter system (fs2500) and a coolant bypass filter (Dieselsite) along with Archoil AR9100 in the oil and AR6200 fuel treatment. Did I notice a difference ?! ; smoother, quieter, milage increase by 2mpg. I had to make a conscious effort to back off the throttle while in cruising mode to avoid speeding on these bear infested roads of SE NY. I have been eagerly anticipating the annual January cold snap. I was not disappointed when on that 6 degree morning the ole beast popped off immediately. Excepting a very small amount of start up smoke it never missed a beat.
Even though I cared for large diesel generator sets in my Navy years, I never knew about the stiction problems of the hydraulic fuel injectors until I attended Professor Bill Hewitt’s YouTube University.
Thank you, thank you, thank you,
I just ordered your end of current inventory Archoil .

Joe martin Reply

Thanks bill this stuff works great 05 f350 6.0 feels like more power under the foot it fires up like a summer day in the middle of winter. I also put in oil treatment too my slight miss on cold start up is gone. Will be getting more of that go go juice.