Heartfelt Veteran Interview — July 4, 2015

The 4th of July is my holiday! It signifies something near and dear to my heart which is the extreme pride I have for our country! On this holiday, I think a lot about the incredible contributions everyday Americans have made to keep our country SAFE and FREE!

I had the unique opportunity to interview a very humble soldier yesterday who I met through my Powerstroke repair business and my Tran-A-Vet Foundation. His words and actions touched my heart!

I hope you find his story as heartfelt as I did…

~Bill Hewitt

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silas Reply

Nice vid. Dont know you personally but you provide an invaluable free service.

Neal Reply

Thank you Mr. Hewitt,
I have also been deployed to Iraq and stumbled across your videos. With the maintenance videos for my 6.0L, I was able to keep it out of the shop until the EGR finally gave out well over 100k. Thank you for your dedication to helping Veterans coming home and your honest business ethics.


james smith Reply

Thanks alot Bill Hewitt,that was a nice thing you’ve done for that soldier.I am a disable vet myself and a big fan of your videos and i have a dodge ram 2500 cummins diesel.I will be taking the archoil fuel challenge and once I get it back on the road I will put fuel additive in and see how much fuel I use.My truck coming back from Texas got 25.3 mpg(that is going 60mph).I was using power service additive. God bless and keep those videos coming. James out of Lugoff,SC

Edward P.O'Toole Reply

Happy 4th to you Bill thank you for sharing that video with us greatly appreciated my son had three tours he was a first class penny officer we lost him last July 28 🙁 over here on the mainland I am so proud of my son and for what he did for this great nation hat’s off to all veterans. My dad was a veteran and I fly the American flag with pride even when we’re camping it’s always on the front of my camper again thank you for sharing this video. I do watch powerstrokehelp.com I have a 2009 6.4 and I also use archoil fuel and oil treatment I have modified my engine taking off the DPF and cat along with HS computer system what a big difference my trucks only got 53,000 miles on it I went from 11 mpg to 18 mpg Wow and it did 0 to 60 in 6 seconds mind your its a F-350 DW crew cab keep up the good work we are watching and thank you again to all vets on this great nation we live in on the 4th of July.
Ed O’Tooles

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