DPF Saved in Mercedes Diesel…

Archoil AR6200, with its properties to increase the combustibility of diesel fuel, has helped to make US diesel fuel run much better in diesel vehicles including German automobiles. Modern German diesel passenger vehicles equipped with Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF) running on US diesel fuel are having severe problems with their emissions control equipment due to the poor quality of the US diesel fuel.

The biggest improvement, other than more power and increased fuel economy, is the drop in soot production. This translates into less soot in the DPF and less regeneration cycles of the DPF. This will increase the life of the DPF which can be very expensive to replace. 

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mike parry Reply

Hi guys this is mike from uk take a lot of notice of what you say about diesels I have a 2012 vw golf gtd I have started to use archoil so far very very impressed

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