Diesel Tech Magazine’s Review of Archoil…

You've heard me talk about the benefits of using Archoil's AR9100 Friction Modifier and AR6200 Fuel Modification Complex, watch what Diesel Tech Magazine has to say after their testing. You can also read their review in their magazine at http://read.uberflip.com/i/637584-march-2016/45? ~Bill Hewitt 

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For a limited time you can get a sample of Archoil’s AR6200 Fuel Modification Complex, which will treat 80-gallons of fuel, for FREE!

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Chip andrews Reply

I have 4 fords 7.3. I have tried the oil and fuel additive for 5 months. It makes a difference in the winter start. But as far as fuel mileage it never did a thing. I also put it in my ford 6.7. Didn’t make a
Difference still get 14.3 mpg. Thanks

Jan Labij Reply

I received your archoil sample pack about 2 weeks ago. The engine is a 1977 Mercedes-Benz 5 cylinder diesel. Engine is a little livlier, idles and runs smoother, and, most important to me, starts easier. At 20-30 degrees I used to have to glow for 12-15 seconds to get a clean, no fuss start. Fuel economy seems to be 8-10% better.

Chris Huston Reply

300 miles and no increase in mpg, which was my problem. So far.

Jeff Reply

We have taken the arch oil challenge with our two 7.3 power strokes. We snowplow in frigged cold nights, early mornings, we haul pretty much overloaded always, but the arch oil gets us started up and running strong and smooth throughout each workday. Its a great product. We tested it through this past winter in the White Mountains N.H. Thank you

Richard Mellem Reply

I’ve been using both Archoil additives in my 2001 F350 7.3 (with 220K on her) for 30K now. I can’t claim the mileage increase that the Diesel Tech Mag guys got, but I did see an honest, almost 1 mpg increase with nothing else changed. But even at that amount, the Archoil pays for itself. I do agree that there is a slight “seat of the pants” improvement but the most immediate improvement was the engine noise. Much quieter now, even the wife noticed that one. I’ve since added a cold air intake, Gale Banks tuner and 4″ exhaust, so my baselines are shot to hell. Hat’s off to Bill Hewitt. I really enjoy PowerStrokehelp.com.

Daryl Ford Reply

I use this fuel modification every tank love it fuel system is clean as a vissel thanks Bill H for every thing. / 2001 ford f350 7.3

Rollie Stafford Reply

First the truck, 01 F350 4×4 superduty with 240,000 with the good transmission, the six speed.
I cant say enough about what archoil has done to make this truck run better. I wish I could say I’m getting a lot better fuel mileage but this thing runs like it did some 200000 miles ago. Quite incredible, and yes it will sit you back in your seat. My average mileage has maintained 18.3mpg every week for years.
You really cant go wrong with archoil.
One more thing, if you own a older Powerstroke you know the power steering lives a rough life, I added some additive to the power steering and no more and I mean zero moaning from the pump
Cant say enough
Thanks Bill H and archoil

Jarrett Smith Reply

I run Archoil (fuel and oil) in 2016 F250 (Gas) 12K miles, 2011 VW Jetta (TDI)100K miles, 2013 VW Passat (TDI) 50K miles, Mercury Outboard, lawn equipment, and UTV. Everything I own runs this product. My F250 I do not see any MPG increase but it response is smoother and even though not fully broken in I can tell difference in power. Best result I have seen is in my 2011 Jetta (wife’s car). Had a bad idle issue and loss of power even after tune completed at 97K miles. I asked my wife after about a week of driving had the car started driving better and she said she noticed a slight change in started noise and power. On the second oil changes and several fuel tanks and the car drives likes it brand new. 2The Passat I drive has great power and fuel mileage varies, but I have a heavy foot so my fault there. Also, my friend told me he’s having start up and idle issues in his 2010 Dodge 3500 (diesel). He’s used Hotshot fuel treatment for two tanks with slight improvement to his issues. This morning I added a double dose of Archoil into his fuel tank told him what to do. I should know by next week the outcome because I want to know myself. If I can update this I will with the results. Overall I love this product and recommend it to all my friends. I’m glad I was up to 3 am the morning I found powerstrokehelp on the viewtube. Now my only issue is my next truck being a FPS or Dodge Cummins. Oh this is my fair and honest usage of this product. The post here (and Bill’s videos) and peoples personal experiences through the PS challenge (many hours watching BTW) made my mind up to try this product and I’m glad I stop wasting money on the other products I have used in the past. My advise to anyone who is on the fence on buying this product; I simply say give it a try and follow the instructions on the product. Take Care!

Bill Ruccio Reply

Well all I can say is my 2008 F450 with my 5000 lb slide in Host camper has had very positive results, as diesel tech described.
My 6.4 with 55k miles with first application gave me a two to 3
mpg increase, depending on how hard I pushed it, that’s using both products! It smoothe’s out 6.4 like a new engine, I
will always use it, with my oil changes.Thanks Bill H and Archoil.

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