Archoil Installation and Use for AR6200 and AR9100…

In this video I discuss the installation and best use practices of both Archoil's AR6200 Fuel Modification Complex and AR9100 Friction Modifier. It's the little things that will mess you up so take a couple of minutes so you can avoid some common mistakes others make. ~Bill Hewitt

Taken the Archoil Challenge Yet?

For a limited time you can get a sample of Archoil’s AR6200 Fuel Modification Complex, which will treat 80-gallons of fuel, for FREE!

Hurry... This FREE offer ends 02/01/2018! ~Bill Hewitt

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C Pascoe Reply

I just started the Archoil sample. still have half tank of fuel left from the first dose. already my 6.0 starts smoother and quieter. I was hoping it would help with the chugging it does when driving. seems like it gets worse the faster it runs.
But I think that’s a different problem.

Rudy Reply

Im new to diesels and sorry if this is a stupid question. I just ordered the oil and fuel additive. I have two questions. First do you add the oil treatment in addition to the normal amount of oil or do you substitute the additive for one of the quarts of oil? Second, I use Ford cetane booster in my fuel, do I use both the cetane booster and the archoil at the same time or just one?

Daryl Davis Reply

Took your challenge and then got the kit (oil additive and fuel additive). Changed the oil yesterday (5-40 Rotella) which I’ve been using right along, changed the filter, added the 16 ounces plus both fuel tanks on my ’97 7.3. Started the truck and let it idle for about 15 minutes and shut it off.

Started it this morning and even 15 minutes made a difference cold starting it this morning. Started easier, much less smoke and it’s running quieter too.

Think this stuff is a winner. BTW, my 97 only has 98K miles on it since new. No rust either. Sleeps all winter here in Michigan.

Fingers crossed. Thanks for the tip

sergio Reply

iwould like to try out this product to my 7.3

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