Archoil Fleet Application…

This video talks about how Archoil works in a fleet situation. My clients have 22 pickup trucks, over 40 over-the-road tractors and 9 Powerstrokes. We have been doing a lot of business bulletproofing their Powerstrokes because it is just more cost effective spending a little money getting the motor up to speed and keeping them on the road a little longer.

We have been supplying Archoil for a little while and one of the most significant things they found using Archoil was power increase and smoother ride. That was the feedback from a driver who didn’t know Archoil had been added and wanted to know what they did to his truck. The fuel economy was unbelievable. It really made a big difference in the way the truck runs. In the road tractors, the drivers’ haven’t mentioned increase in fuel economy but they seem to crank better and are smoother.

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James Reply

Been using archoil oil and fuel additive in a 2007 power stroke. Very good stuff. Runs quieter and smoother with more power. PS has 156000 miles on it with all original parts and I feel that archoil has made this possible. I do tow heavy at times so this motor does get used for what it’s designed to do. I highly recommend Archoil

Tracy Reply

I used the fuel and oil additive and saw no difference at all. May very well work for some but not me. Will not buy again

Aaron Miller Reply

I have now ran the AR6200 for a month with the results not nothing like the other reviews I’ve been reading on here. I would like for anyone to know that I only run Motorcraft products that were specifically designed for the 6.0l, I have had trouble with the start-ups ( starter runs for about 10-15 seconds before ignition ) and I’ve lost about 2.5 mpg. I ordered the 9100 oil additive to see if it will make any improvements?? I really hope it will do what people claim it will do, but I’m not happy with the results of the fuel modification additive!
My truck is a 2005 F250 4wd with the 6.0l powerstroke, it’s still stock from factory with 103k original miles,,,minus the 3.5″ exhaust , upgraded to 4″, no cat or muffler. I haven’t seen the results out of the AR6200 that is stated, it hasn’t produced any good results in a stock motor, I’m going to run the AR9100 & AR6200 for an additional 1000 miles and I will let you know if the results are anything close to what the product is suppose to do .

    Quentin Ramsey Reply

    Hey Aron I had a 2003 with the 6.0 with pretty much the same mods I changed oil brands to the valvoline 5w40 full synth and my fuel mpg went from 14 16 to 18 around town and 22 on the interstate I have traded and now have a 2013 6.7 and plan to use the same 5w40 with the archoil products will have to see how it does

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