Archoil Challenge Series – 2010 F250 6.4L

The guys who own the late model Powerstrokes like the 6.4L made between 2008 and 2010 can reap some huge benefits from using Archoil. Well-known and expensive issues like rocker arm failures can be mitigated with Archoil's AR9100 friction modifier. Also, DPF's (Diesel Particulate Filters) are another EXPENSIVE weak spot on these trucks where Archoil's AR6200 Fuel Modification Complex can make a significant difference.

Taken the Archoil Challenge Yet?

For a limited time you can get a sample of Archoil’s AR6200 Fuel Modification Complex, which will treat 80-gallons of fuel, for FREE!

Hurry... This FREE offer ends 02/01/2018! ~Bill Hewitt

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Rich Klekowski Reply

Hi Bill,
I am now useing the archoil oil additive and the archoil fuel additive, yes i feel and see the differents it took about 100 miles to get into the motor, awsome starting now, I notice very little black smoke comming from the exhaust when i give her the fuel.
My truck is a 2002 Ford F350 7.3 Diesel 110.000 kilometers about 65000 miles.
Bill, i have an oil leak and i can not find where its comming from, seems to be on the driver side high up on the back side of the motor. Valve cover is ok, the turbo pedistal looks ok, that plate down from the doghouse or ccv looks wet does that plate have a gasket under it.
Thats for your help and I am one of your biggest Fan’s. take care.

Rich Klekowski

Chad bushman Reply

Hi Bill,
Great information on the 6.4 . I just put the p1 package in my 2008 6.4 this last week and put about 500 miles on the truck over memorial weekend. I did see an increase in mpg. My truck has 125000 miles on it and seams to have a lot of rocker arm noise. The p1 package has helped that a little bit. I’m really excited to my truck into your shop later this year. All of your work has convinced me to go with the dealer proof lifetime package.

Tim Harrison Reply

I have a 2014 F-250 w/ 6.7 PSD in N. GA. I received the sample of the AR6200 and am 1/4 tank through the 2nd tank with treatment. Previously I have used Diesel Kleen with only a slight MPG change (mostly in winter).
There has not been a noticeable change in MPG with AR6200 however, throttle response is slightly better and my regen cycle went from 200 miles to 260 miles with the first tank. Also, the regen takes less time and I have noticed slightly lower EGT’s on my daily driving. I believe the AR6200 has been beneficial to my truck and I will be ordering the AR6200 & AR9100 package from Power Stroke Help today.
Thanks Bill!

Tim Reply

Having just started the fuel treatment my truck is more responsive just within the first tank. I can’t wait for further testing especially the oil additive as lifter noise is noticeable. Will post further results after more testing.

Steve Reply

I didn’t notice any difference in noise after adding quart with oil change
I’ve added some to my fuel as directed and my mpg has not gone up at all.


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