Archoil Challenge Series – 2006 E350 6.0L With 167K Miles & Original Injectors

Replacing injectors on Powerstroke is not cheap. I singled out a customer truck today where the owner told me two other shops told him he needed to replace the injectors. It’s a 2006 F350 box truck with original injectors and it runs pretty awful. Watch how this truck revives once we use Archoil AR9100 in the oil and AR6200 in the fuel.

FYI: In the video Bill uses Archoil’s “P-1” kit to revive the injectors.

What causes 6.0L Injector Failure?

The 6.0L Powerstroke utilizes HEUI fuel injector (Hydraulic Electronic Unit Injector) technology. What that means is that the 6.0L Powerstroke uses engine oil pressurized to 450 to 3,600 psi to fire the fuel charge into the cylinder. Therefore, engine oil quality/maintenance plays a critical role on injector performance, especially for worn injectors with high mileage.

Besides oil quality/maintenance, fuel is the second major issue that affects 6.0L injectors. Poor quality fuel is a recipe for 6.0L injector disaster.

What are some common symptoms of injector failure?

  • Hard Starting (especially w/ cold engine)
  • Low Power
  • Excessive Smoke
  • Rough Running
  • Stalling
  • Misfire
  • Bucking / Jerking

Taken the Archoil Challenge Yet?

For a limited time you can get a sample of Archoil’s AR6200 Fuel Modification Complex, which will treat 80-gallons of fuel, for FREE!

Hurry... This FREE offer ends 02/01/2018! ~Bill Hewitt

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Rod Reply

My 04 6.0 litre was running very very rough on colds starts. I live in Saskatchewan Canada and believe me we have cold starts here. I changed my oil and filter and I have always run 0w40 full synthetic oil along with the AR9100 oil treatment. I should have recorded the difference this oil additive made. The truck started as rough as usual and while it was idling it made a few bucks and puffs of smoke and shaking the whole truck. All of a sudden the truck just smoothed right out and ran better than it has since new. I have owned this truck since new and it is running quieter now has more power better fuel mileage and now I can start the truck at -30C again and it runs smoother at that temperature now then it did at +10c before the treatment. Great product that actually works and does what you paid for.

William Reply

I have a 2008 F-350 with 125,000 miles. I am using all of the Archoil products. Like the other 6.4’s, not seeing much difference.


Chris Reply

I used the free bottle of archoil and did not notice anything with mileage are anything that it said I would notice a change in. I’m sorry but please I like to be proven wrong, help out and tell me why!

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