Archoil Challenge Series – Ron Brown Interview, 2004 F250 6.0L

I had a rare chance to film an interview an Archoil Challenge customer who was visiting the shop. He is a truly a down-to-earth individual and he related his candid experience using the Archoil duo of products. Enjoy... ~ Bill Hewitt

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Bob Reply

truck is a 2006 6.0 with 39000 miles. Bought from 0ne owner at 29500 miles. Truck is lightly used for pleasure only. I noticed better starting and better power in the first 50 miles. i had been using HotShot secret but after reading several articles and watching your videos i will be switching to arch oil additives. Thanks for all the information

Dave Reply

I was skeptical about Archoil, but after listening to Bill tell of its benefits, decided to try it. My 2004 F-250 6.0 has 144,500 miles on it. I am the original owner and have kept up with the maintenance on a regular basis. I never let the oil go more than 5000 miles and use Rotella 15w- 40. When I use to start the engine, it would clatter for a while until it warmed up. After adding Archoil to the crankcase and driving around a bit, I parked the truck. I got up early the next day to check the cold start. Now 35 degrees is definitely not cold, but I know the engine would talk to me at that temperature. I was amazed at how smoothly it ran, right from the start. There was no rattle or shake. If I didn’t hear it for myself, I wouldn’t have believed it. Now every time I start the engine, I smile. I haven’t checked my mileage yet, but I will update this when I do. I will also be trying the 6200 fuel treatment.
Thanks Bill, for all your Powerstroke videos and advice.

Greg Reply

I have an ’05 Excursion 6.0 with 234K miles that I picked up when it had 84K. We did an engine out overhaul to fix all the standard 6.0 weak points at 189K to the tune of around $10K. In addition, we have now gone through 14 injectors (learned the hard way that if it is not Motorcraft it does not go in). We have also replaced the entire wiring harness this past January and replaced the FCM. All that to say, this truck has been paid for 2x! But we have a family of 6 plus a small farm and there is no truck out there that fits the bill better than this and we will keep it. I trust my family’s life, as well as the lives of our livestock to this truck as well as our animals lives and it HAS TO RUN. I am starting the AR6200 with our next fill up and look forward to reporting back on how it did. Injector #4 is sticking at startup, which makes sense because #1 failed last winter. Hope the AR6200 saves me the cost of that injector.

James Tyree II Reply

I have used Hot Shot Diesel Secret and so far I have not experienced the desired result of eliminated lunging in the engine after hard braking in tow/haul mode. Just purchased the complete archo performance kit and tried the fuel sample last fall which might have mad a difference. I am hopeful that archoik will eliminate the issues. We are going into fall in a few weeks and I want to not have troubles with my truck during the cold season.

Dave Miller Reply

I have been using the Archoil products for 3 months now. I notice that my 6.0 is quieter now. When I first started using it, the truck was trowing codes every time that I’d use it, it is getting better now. But the engine seems to run smoother now. Truck has 165k on it.

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