6.7L Powerstroke Catastrophic Failure…

The 6.7 Powerstroke is a pretty amazing piece of technology. The engine makes HUGE power and the state-of-the-art emissions controls do a remarkable job of scrubbing contaminates from the exhaust. BUT, all this technology comes at a cost and the potential for premature catastrophic failure. In this video I talk about some EXPENSIVE trouble spots on the 6.7L and the reasons why they happen...

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Scott Reply

Driving a new 2015 6.7. Put 1500 miles on it and got an avg of 15-16 MPG combined highway and city with my commute. Put in the Archoil and have seen that increase to 18-19. And yes this measured with gals pumped vs miles driven – I am not going by dash readout.

    William Roberson Reply

    Scott, i have a 2016 6.7. Tried the fuel treatment and didn’t see much difference. Did you do the oil and fuel treatment together? Thanks for any feedback

Jerry Denning Reply

Hey bill,
I have a 2012 6.7 liter f350 it only had 32591 miles on it when i got it and so i seen this video and did all my research before i ordered so i could understand the best way to take care of my truck so i ordered the combo pack from you oil and fuel additive and after using this for 3 to 4 weeks, and my fuel went from12 -13 miles to the gallon, to 15 in the city and 20-21 on the hwy….and also from 8-9 mpg. when pulling my rv trailer to 10-11 mpg. Now…this stuff is awsome and I am really greatful for all the help from your videos and knowledge. .I’ll keep you updated thx.

shawn chalmers Reply

Hey Bill,
i also have been using Archoil fuel additive in my 2011 F-350 6.7 liter and all i can say is what a difference in fuel economy, power, and quieter start ups. the engine runs so smooth, i love this stuff. i’m so glad i took the time for the Archoil challenge. i have 1 question, i’m not due for a oil change for another 3.k or so miles, can still just add the Archoil 9200, or must i have the oil changed first. PS.Owners applaud you thanks.

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